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  1. Harry has now been changed onto endone slow release(oxycodeine) and also 2 normal endone a day, we have to wait a week before he can start an anti depressant that is also a pain management drug our choices are cymbalta or endep(amitriptyline) think we're going to go for cymbalta. It's just worrying because the risk of suicide when used in teens. On a good note Harry passed his written driving test so can now learn to drive and we got him a brand new car for his 16th birthday and he's been out a few times in it!
  2. He's actually already on lyrica, just a small dose we tried increasing it and it made him worse. I'm also on lyrica the max dose works really well for me. Harry sees a pain management dr and is going on a pain management camp in January with other kids who also suffer with chronic pain so hoping that really helps him and he meets some friends who he can talk to when things get tough like for example Christmas Day he went to bed and woke up at midnight screaming in pain from a migraine and pain in his chest, we had to call an ambulance that's how bad he was they gave him morphine and the green whistle neither did anything . He had 4 lots of morphine and fentanyl and he was still screaming in pain so they gave him propononol and diazepam and at 6:30 he finally fell asleep. They have now put an action plan in place in case it happens again which is good and he's been prescribed diazepam for extreme pain. I'm worried today with it being his birthday and gone and done his written test got 100%:-) and then been out for a drive then gone out for dinner that it will all be too much for him and he will pay for it tonight, ironically I'm the one stuck at home missing out on the birthday dinner because of a migraine. So I'm hoping and praying he will be ok later and part of me is feeling hopeful because I can book him some driving lessons and take him out driving they have to log 100 hrs that it might lift his spirits and I'm praying he gets the disabled parking permit because he needs it. Thanks again for the help/advice Chloe
  3. Lioninwinter thanks for your advice I'll look into it Chloe
  4. Hi sloslang, Yes Harry's been tested for Lyme disease, thanks for your advice. Chloe
  5. Hi onmyown, Firstly thank you so much for your response. Harry has been suffering with migraines since about the age of 6 but was otherwise completely healthy, his diet isn't great he is a very fussy eater so that's difficult. Nothing happened 9 months ago to bring on the pain and to answer your questions he's had every test including bloods available including mris. They have at this point stopped looking for the cause of his symptoms and are concentrating on controlling his pain. I have fibromyalgia and I'm pretty convinced that's also what's wrong with Harry but they won't listen to me due to my extensive psychiatric history. I really struggle to cope at times seeing him have to walk with a cane. We bought him a new car for his birthday, so he has to just pass the written test and he can begin learning to drive which I'm hoping will motivate him and give him something to look forward to! I've applied for a disabled parking permit for him so fingers crossed he gets it. Anyway thanks again, sad to meet under these circumstances but I appreciate the support. Chloe
  6. Just on a side note.... Do you get that horrible taste in your mouth from imovane?
  7. I agree, you need to somehow make your parents understand and if that means a meeting with the school counsellor then that's what you have to do. I'm sorry you're going through so much pain! Chloe
  8. Hi my sons 16 today! Yes it's his birthday on NYE!about 9 months ago now my son went from completely normal in every sense of the word to being in agony overnight. When he walked as little as 10 metres he would be grabbing at his chest, breathless and just in so much pain. He was Admitted to hospital where he had a battery if tests and they came up blank saying it's some sort of neurological disorder, he missed a lot of time off school and eventually they kicked him out and said he can start back end jan and re do the year, since then instead of getting better he has gotten worse he has now developed pain in I is knees and can't walk without a cane. The school has made it clear that he return to school and do normal hours otherwise they will kick him out agaim(it's private) and he will do distance learning. My son has been seeing a psychologist but he decided he would prefer to see someone else so were in the process of finding someone. He has expressed a desire to start anti depressants but unfortunately he is on both slow release and normal tramadol and there are no anti depressants that mix with them because they cause serotonin syndrome. My son also suffers with weekly migraines. He went to bed Christmas Day as normal and woke at midnight screaming in pain from both a migraine and chest pain, once at the hospital they tried morphine and fentynal and neither touched the pain so the gave him propononol and diazepam and finally at 6:30 he managed to fall asleep. I'm at a loss to know what to do, do we take him off of tramadol and put him on a dual action anti depressant like endep or cymbalta. I'm terrified of when he starts school again that he just won't be able to cope and will get kicked out and will lose contact with his school friends and his depression worsens. I myself suffer with severe depression but there's nothing worse than seeing your 16 yr old walking with a cane in agony and I'm scared of what he's holding inside. Sorry so long, thanks for reading
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