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  1. I totally get this also ! As for the exes..... see it & weep mwahaha. Mind you, I also get to see the woman he cheated on me with - dumb
  2. I understand where you are coming from. I withdraw from family & friends during a down period & tell nobody except for my husband. If my husband feels I'm not coming back as fast as I should be, he contacts my best friend only, never my family. I suffer severe social anxiety so alot of people in my home.... worst nightmare !
  3. Sorry I meant feeling numb would be better than over emotional :)
  4. You are very right. Much of his reasons are much like your own. My mum is very open to going to session's with us. Ultimately we dont ever argue except when the parents are coming, here or gone. Hmmm plenty for me to think over. I need to see my GP so have been taking 1/2 a sleeping pill during the day to keep my emotions in check. Its nicer for our children that mum isnt crying & upset. We live in the most beautiful part of our country & I wish I could get a hold of myself. Therapy is his last chance, he needs to control himself. Unfortunately I think he is bipolar, just going through the steps, he is also French. God help me !
  5. I wish. That's the feeling I'm looking for, totally beats crying :)
  6. So very true Arthur & what a fantastic place to be able to share one's worries of the world. Hubby just wrote my mother a big apology letter for last weeks vent so hopefully things can settle a bit. Where are you from? Im from New Zealand & it's suppose to be summer... rain is falling !
  7. Thank you for your welcoming ! Im hoping this site is a good 1st step :) What doesn't **** you only makes you stronger right ?!?
  8. Hello there :) Im 32 & a wife & mother of 2 beautiful girls 3&5) & have suffered depression my whole life. After years of taking the maximum dose of Efexor & Frisium my medication doesnt feel like its working anymore. Im mad at this crap set of cards I have been dealt. my husband injured his back 2 years ago & has been unable to return to work because of the pain. 4 days out from xmas is not the ideal time to relapse. My husband hates my parents & at this time of year, im looking at half a day with my parents & half a day with my family. Im so family oriented (brothers, sisters etc) that it is tearing me apart. I must add now that we manage a business my parents own, great.my parents are too scared to come here because my husband just flips out at them. Agggggggh. im booking in to see my GP as Frisium isnt even touching the sides of my anxiety. Ive never shared all of this before, please be kind :)
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