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  1. We always seem to want more for others than we do for ourselves, don't we? I know a little about this. We have to learn to believe that we deserve just as much as what we want for someone else. It's really difficult, and even when we start to make successes we can feel guilty, because inside that voice is always there. But that voice is a LIAR. It's a celebrity-turned-world-leader. It's just hard to remember the illusion because of how loudly it yells, and how many military personnel are standing behind it with guns. But remember that those guns aren't real either. It's all an illusion, and we do have the ability to see through it. We just need to be calm and listen to the right voices. Be well, and don't worry about only posting when you need it. That's the reason it exists. 😊

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      Thank you.  That is a very sensible description.  I learned (but need to keep reminding myself) that depression is an illness.  And, like other illnesses, it can be treated -- but not wished, ignored, or reasoned away.  Thanks again for your support.

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