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  1. I have been on 30 mg Cymbalta for a few years. It does help. It has a relatively short half-life so should be taken at the same time each day. The main side-effect I have is sweating or being extra warm with even mild physical exertion. Annoying but livable.
  2. Huh! Suppose that might mean there is still hope for me?? 🤣
  3. Seriously ... that may not be all bad. Maybe some people will get a healthier perspective and start treating their fellow human beings a little more humanely. I am not naive enough to think it will happen to everyone, but even a few would help.
  4. I had read this before, but thanks for the reminder. I feel so much better when I remember this, but I often forget and get sucked into the whole 'rat race'. You know what they say about the rat race -- even if you win the race, you are still a rat. 😉
  5. Considering the current situation, he better start! Not doing phone or video visits is irresponsible. I do not mean to sound vicious. It just seems that mental health professionals should understand the stress of the current circumstances and act accordingly.
  6. Sunshine ☀️ and 60F (15.5C) ... a beautiful day in the neighborhood. So, why do I not care?
  7. I agree. That makes it sound like the only value we have is as black holes which 'consume' anything presented to us. It totally ignores even the possibility that we may create something, have feelings, have dreams, have wants or needs, etc. No wonder so many people distrust the government. People like us who make connections and show caring on the internet or over the back fence are trying to be 'human' in spite of society.
  8. I can see it. It looks like a sandwich made with the standard sliced, white bread sold in the US.
  9. So very sorry for all you are going through! We rewrote an old saying, "It never rains, but it sure does hail bowling balls." It is not meant to actually be funny. It is meant to point out that, if regular 'bad times' are like regular rain, then what is going on at the time feels majorly worse. Reading what you wrote reminded me of this rewritten saying. I sincerely hope things get much better very quickly.
  10. (see above) Darn right! You wanted it, you bought it, and you deal with it! If I was one of those people who rushed to buy a truck load of toilet paper, I would be too embarrassed by my actions to try to return it.
  11. Perfection! Yes, I understand the satire. But from the perspective of someone who has struggled with depression, what satire? Just pull yourself together and quit being such a drama queen. 🤣
  12. I definitely care, too; and I agree with what others have already posted on this thread. One (of many!) problem with depression is that it 'minimizes' your life -- motivation, enjoyment, self worth, etc. Many times I read a post here, feel strongly about it, and think I should respond to it; but don't. My thought to respond is followed immediately by other, negative thoughts -- they don't want to hear from me; what could I even contribute; I would only make things worse by anything I would say; etc. .... [Behold! The voice of depression.] I almost did not respond here but decided to tell why I almost did not. I wish you love, support, and peace! Sorry I cannot do something more substantial.
  13. It has been a few years ago, but once at Walmart I asked why a certain item was available, then not, then available again. An employee told me that the individual stores do not order for themselves. Instead the corporate office decides how many of each item each store will get and when based on computer analysis of past sales, time of year, location, etc. -- even weather forecast. Big Brother knows what is best for everyone. 🥺 Not sure if it is still done this way.
  14. I do not know what happened, but your reaction and feelings sound well within 'normal' to me. When someone reacts to me in a way that makes no sense to me, I certainly wonder why -- and dwell on it. All you can know about is your side of the situation. Evidently, something on their side is majorly different. It does not even need to have anything to do with you. Is there a 'third party' who you can ask if they noticed anything 'different' about the people in question?
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