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  1. So very sorry. I know there are no words that will help. I wish you peace.
  2. Oh so sorry! Can you at least visit her?
  3. Yes, I see you. I am less sure that I see me. <*sigh*>
  4. I will not presume to give you advice on this specific situation. Just one comment. The Covid virus (and all of the related issues) has had a profound effect on society and each of us individually. We each need to be honest with ourself regarding what we feel and how much of what we feel is reaction to the changes in society. Then ... ? ... make our decisions and live our lives. Good luck! 🍀
  5. Oh! In that case, please carry on. If you run out of peeps, I have a few suggestions. 😉
  6. Oh, *~€&@¥!!! I (and others) scratch and claw and cannot make any headway; but this piece of $#!¥ falls in a pile of crap and comes out smelling like a bouquet of roses!?! No wonder we have such a terrible time with life!
  7. Don't waste your money. On any given day, go out and try to deal with the world. *presto!* You are there! I would like to buy a large pizza made to my exact specifications and eat myself into oblivion.
  8. @Nightjar, considering the feeling of 'racing heart', you may want to ask your doc about "atrial flutter" or "atrial fibrillation". In my very limited knowledge, I think they usually cannot catch that unless it happens while the doc is in the process of checking your heart. That makes it more difficult to detect which, in turn, makes it more dangerous. Good luck and be safe!
  9. Please take this seriously and go to the doctor. What you describe sounds like the symptoms a family member of mine had just before she was diagnosed with heart trouble. It was a scary time, but the doctors got it under control. This may not be your issue, but it does sound like something that should be checked. Take care!
  10. Thanks! That means a lot to me. I am going to use this as encouragement to knock something off the list. My very best wishes to you and your grandma.
  11. Yes, exactly! If I work at the list of 10 things I know about, maybe I can check two or three off the list. Then, next week, there is still a list of 28 -- plus the ones I missed putting on the list in the first place. The mountain keep growing at an alarming rate. The few things I can get dealt with seems so insignificant compared to the mountain that it feels ridiculous to try. Although this may sound silly to read, it is how depression makes life feel. It is so hard to make myself try when this is 'what it is'. 😢
  12. Pay more attention to the parts of your life where you feel included and appreciated. Yeah, that sounds simplistic. A pet can be very comforting at these times, even someone else's. Good luck! 🍀
  13. Oh, so sorry! It is cruel that, the deeper our love goes, the deeper our pain is at the loss (for people or pets). Grieve, because you must. When possible, as much as possible, remember the good. My deepest sympathy.
  14. Prayers, best wishes, and hugs to both of you! ... and to everyone else who needs them.
  15. That is a very good way of describing how I feel. And, I seem to be stuck in that 'mode'. I could write a long post trying to explain further, but it comes back to the same thing. ... Slipping ... must do something ... know what to do to, at least to get started ... so ... ... ............
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