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    1. jkd_sd


      Thank you for the hearts, but ummm ... what did I do??  Did I miss something?  🤔

  2. I do not have OCD but can kinda understand about getting 'stuck' on something. The one thing that seems to me slightly different is that your OCD is about OCD. That sounds like 'drilling down' an extra layer into the subject. I do not mean this as a criticism, just an observation.
  3. That is what I thought, too. An article I read said technically they can. I do not understand the details, but the news said the senate plans to proceed with the impeachment trial in February. Guess we will find out eventually.
  4. Yeah, I get it. Frequently, I feel like someone just dropped me off on this planet on their way by. It is a decent enough place, but I do not really belong here.
  5. IMHO, the reason they are still pursuing that is to end any possibility of Trump running for president again. I am not expressing a for or against opinion -- just my opinion about why it is still an issue.
  6. So-so. Had a bad night last night, but there is blue sky and sunshine today which helps.
  7. 'Turn about is fair play.' Mom and I have had our good and bad times, but we have a pretty good relationship. She can seem kinda narc, but it is only because she sometimes feels overwhelmed by life and overreacts to compensate. I live 200+ miles from my parents, but still stay in touch. Ironically, I wish I could move closer to my parents, and might manage that 'someday' when the world calms down.
  8. Honestly? It will probably reduce the 'spur of the moment' stuff. What concerns me is that she will do less frequent but more 'showy' events. Hey, this is just me being pessimistic! My crystal ball does not work.
  9. Good for you! ... um, except for the icy roads. If this is too nosy, do not answer. If you do get a house in the area where you want to move, approximately how far away is it from where you live now?
  10. Slight sinus headache. With the active weather fronts we have had lately, the sinus irritation is no surprise. Otherwise, kinda in limbo. Not bad; not good; need to get motivated. This might also be partly because of the weather. Most days lately have been 'battleship gray'. (Blah!)
  11. Transferring money from your pocket to theirs ... what else?
  12. Great news! Best of luck quickly getting a house to move into! This could be a wonderful blessing. The whole process might happen so fast that 'narc mom' does not have much time to react. I hope, hope, hope for you that is what happens!
  13. Actually, yes. I cannot explain why or how, but I think it is somehow a requirement to go on. Good thoughts to everyone!
  14. Returned from my road trip, a couple other items, and got reacquainted with my kitties. I still need to remember what I quoted above.
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