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  1. It's almost scary because what you described is exactly me. I'm in law school, and its the last week of the semester, so there are a few exams coming up... And I just can't bring myself to study properly, or do anything? And whenever I try I get just a tiny bit done, since I'm so slow at studying because I just can't concentrate for a long time. I was known for being quite smart in high school but people at university are just a lot better than me, and they actually get things done without all of this drama, and they have personalities, lots of friends... I don't know, dude, it's like everything feels pointless and I just want to blank my mind and not deal with it. The lazy thing haunts me too: I always blame myself and get annoyed even though it's "a part" of depression (maybe 'lazy' isn't the right word). I don't like the idea of "accepting" it though so I always fall into blaming and hating myself. This probably didn't help at all, haha, I just had to get it off my chest! Your post actually made me sign in to this forum :) Hopefully we'll get better soon! :3
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