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  1. I have doctor's description of issues, and work restrictions in detail. I had a work injury, so I also have a state arbitrator's signature. One of my doctors has encouraged the idea to moving to a larger area where more jobs I can do exists once I graduate in this coming spring. Thank you everyone for the comments and advice. I start final exams next week for the semester, so I want you to know it meant a lot and uplifted my spirits. For those going through similar circumstances, I am sorry, and I hope your situations improve as well :)
  2. I am in my early thirties, physically disabled, and find myself in a really awkward place that just keeps leading to further depression. Mainly people always putting me down, or doing what they can to make me feel bad/guilty. Long time friends always gripe I don't drive to see them, but they would never go out of their way to see me. When our paths do cross it turns into a long guilt trip about how awful I am for not coming to see them. I mainly drive when absolutely necessary because too much of it causes a physical strain. They always invite me to do things I cannot physically do anymore, so I say no I can't do that then they cycle starts over again. I returned to college with the hopes that it would lead to a new career since I became disabled 5 1/2 years ago. Academic advisers put me down for not taking any job, but I have a long list of restrictions that deal with lifting, sitting, climbing, and reaching. I can only do desk jobs, but yet they feel I should take constructrion jobs and other labor intensive jobs that would jeopardize my health. I also applied for some desk jobs, passed all the required computer literacy/typing tests, but was told things like, "just because your doctors says you can only do desk work doesn't mean we have to give you a desk job." I had one temp agency tell me to man up and be a man and take a factory job because that's all they would hire me for. With the exception of my father, I have pretty much cut ties with the rest of my family. I am just at this junction where I don't know how to deal with or counter all the hatred from these people.
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