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  1. Child services have been involed sincd may (birth of my son they turned up at hospital and all that 5 hours after labour no joke!) Anywyay they are apprently involed because my upbringing when i was a child beat me with same stick why not i might do same to my son(what a joke) , i am getting depressed mainly because i 1.not alowwed to leave my city i.e for short trips hoildays etc without child servcies aproveing what a load of s***t. 2.nothing i do is good enough for her. 3.she makes it out im a bad father. 4.i cant do this i cant do that its like im in a jail 5.she thinks i cant cope with my son took him for 3 opians on his "devlopment" he was complety normal 6.i suffer from anorexia she apprently worked with people with eds before yet she says "have u got fatter " or "u look little more chubbyer what u been eating?it not set me back 5 steps i moved forward from. 7.she is overloading me with workers.(10 are now involed) 8."you cant have friends or a relanship your son comes first" 9.im not alowed to transition from lady to man as it will"inpact my son" i onow many trans mums and dads it makes no diffrence!!!! So she rather me f****ing misrable greatttt....yep Point is its makeing me to point ***Tw**** Im giving my son to friends ,going out getting wasted,binging on food then feel leads to cutting ,felling upset and pushing evrey1 away maybe they shpuld read how many people **** themselfs because them being f****ing as*holes
  2. Hi im justin 21 from uk... Got 7 month old son single father.. Suffer from anorexia,belumia,depression,axinety,ocd
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