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  1. hi just an quick update. Everything is 100 percent better now. i stopped going to see that pdoc, stopped taking that medication he had me on, and went back to my md and went back on pristiq 50 mg. I never should have stopped taking it , i was doing so good, but i didnt want to be on anything but i went to the pdoc and he put me on a cocktail, he seroiusly almost killed me with that crap. But now my lifes back on track, back working again, back out of debt. Back to loving life, doing my hobbies, back in shape, no longer scared of the world, as how i felt all winter. I am not 100 percent there yet, i will probably have to stay on prisiq for a few more years atleast, but feel normal and happy again. thanks for reading
  2. im on risperidone and ciraplex, i hate being on two meds , especially because i have to take riperidone twice a day, im either getting off all meds or just going to be one one, maybe prisitiq or effexor. plus i dont like being on a anti phycotic. the worse part is i cant afford them right now anyway, but i somehow still buy them
  3. hello,im a 32 year male. iv been depressed for a long time but its got worse in the last year, probably because i was taking on a lot of new challeges at work. I was dealing with self confidence issues as well, coming from the a bad child hood and also being molested at the age of 15, and not knowing my real father.there is too many reasons why i was depressed but was doing good had so many hobbies and alot to live for, also have a great girlfriend. anyway a year ago i went to the doctor and was diaganosed with depression and perscribed pritiq 50mg. I was on that for seven months doing pretty good but wanted off of it. I should have just weaned myself off but instead told myself it would be too hard while working. i ended up quiting my consruction job which i was making great money, and then the doc sent me to a physiatrist(plus a phyologist) to help me figure out my meds. So i went , and all i wanted to do was get off the pristiq so i could go back to my normal life (i at time i started the pritiq i quit drinking alcohol thinking that would be best). i wanted to be off meds and be normal considering overall i was happy and had alot to live for and loved my life. except for not really wanting to work a hard job, that was my real problem. so i went and asked the physiatrist to get me off pristiq, but after telling him my life story of my family history and my traumas and problems he convinced me to start taking risperidone (antiphyotic) and ciprlex (antidepressant) all at low does and gradually moving up. so i did, and started seeing good changes but nothing more than the pristiq. Then everything went down hill. 4-5 month later now and i can barly leave my house. Im so suicidal but mainly beacause of my finacial problems, since i started the new meds iv went through 7 jobs, qiut them all, not even giving some the first day. its like i get physosis every day and just want to run and hide. all day all i think about is ******* my self even though i remeber how much i love my life and all my hobbies to do and all the fun to be had. so i cant get a job because im just too suicidal, cant funtion, i see the phys every two weeks or so and he tells me its just the depression and my paranonia and he just ups the dose. i cant even afford the meds and that puts alot of stress on my mind. so now i cant pay rent all my loans are becoming due, im going to mess my credit up i worked so hard to build and i just want to give up. i cant function i dont know what to do, im new to this city only been here a couple years in calgary. im kind of scared of the traffic and everyyhing and my depression and the meds have only made it worse. all i know is everything has became worse with the new meds. i think i might go back to my gp and see what she has to say, because the phys doc doesnt listen, just prescribes more and i cant efford it anyway. i just need to work but im scared to leave my place, obvouisly id love to go out to do somthing i like, like mountain climbing or somthing, but to work id rather die or live on the streets. i jsut want off the meds. my only solution is to work and get caught up or move back to bc and get some help from family. maybe get on social assinstance or disability for a while or just not work for a few months..i just dont want to mess my credit up or lose my car but i guess my life is worth alot more. every thing has got so bad really fast and im ruining everything my girlfriend and i have worked so hard for. my family says im making a big deal over my finacial situation and that my life is worth so much more...... thanks i jsut need to vent and maybe some advice thanks
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