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  1. Sorry for replaying so late. Well, mostly because I don't know what I want to do with my life, and I feel I have no direction, I don't what to do honestly...and that scares me.
  2. I feel the same as you, I just don't want to work!, I feel like it is just more obligations or that I won't find something to do that I really like. I honestly don't know what to tell you as I am in the same situation:/
  3. I googled something relate to diets, "I don't wanna be on a diet anymore" or something like that=)
  4. Hi, I'm new to this forum. Well, I don't really think I'm depressed, I feel more like i'm just a pessimistic person, so I don't know why i'm here, but I just felt the need to be here. I think i'm not depressed because I have my moments of happiness and I'm usually thankful for what I have, but lately I've been feeling completely afraid of the future, and afraid of what i'm becoming, a person with zero motivation, without a direction to follow, I feel like nothing interests me, I feel like I don't want to do anything or that I don't have the energy. I went through an eating disorder and i'm working on getting better, but one of the outcomes were that: the feeling of not caring about anything, nothing excites me. And I feel guilty 'cause I feel I have such a good life, why am I feeling like this? My mood changes a lot, and I'm becoming more childish now, IDK it's weird. Well this is just an introduction, looking forward to be here more often!=) greetings!!
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