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  1. It's somehow about stop caring about what others think about you, but rather loving yourself for who you are. I have no idea how you can achieve that though.
  2. I have such a hard time getting out of bed... I'm dependant on my father's financially wise, I feel useless... and I can't imagine going to a 9-5 job. I don't know what to do.. and I wish I were dead.
  3. I have this feeling when I see people on the street, on the TV, or just anywhere... and I ask myself... how do they do it? It's just natural for them to wake up everyday, dress up, go to work, come back home, cook... where do they find the energy from? This makes me feel so.. different.. does anybody feel like this as well?
  4. You need to improve your game and man up to get the girl of your dreams. It doesn't just "happen", you gotta work for it. Fake it til you make it DON'T tell any girl about your depressive background, unless she's already your girlfriend. A negative aura will push them away. You gotta look confident, positive. Again, fake it til you make it. Take drama or stand up classes if necessary. You're probably too much of a "nice guy". They don't like it, whatever they say. I've sent you a private message
  5. I think you should trust your therapist. like SFChristianGirl said above, it's not that easy to put you into an hospital even if he wanted to. If he is a good therapist he should offer you to call him anytime you feel really down, specially with suicide thoughts. I think that's the right approach. Besides that, going to an hospital emergency room is a good option if you have serious thoughts about suicide
  6. I took a job while depressed and quit after the first day. i just couldn't handle it, and it made my depression worse afterwards. I felt like a failure. That doesn't mean a job couldn't actually be helpful for you, but you risk asking yourself too much while struggling against anxiety and depression. It's risky. It's ultimately your choice. But unless this is the job of your dreams, NOT taking it is certainly a choice. Be honest with yourself. Do you think you can handle it?
  7. I've read your previous posts and I think you have a bright future ahead I insist on your dad issues, I think you should work on that with a good therapist. I think you didn't get all the love you deserved Cheers
  8. You probably cut yourself to relieve some of the pain. You are also battling an illness, but you have to realize that YOU are not your illness. If you realize that, you'll gain strength to defeat your depression. But you need help. You need to talk about your issues. And meds can help you as well. In the meantime, find other ways to relieve your pain. Try meditation (do some research on mindfulness). Read the book "The power of Now". Exercise. It makes me angry to read that a beautiful girl is harming herself. Please stop doing so. Also read "The art of loving" by Erich Fromm. Try to GIVE love and expect nothing in return. This is a long shot, but you might have been hurt by a lack of love from your father. Maybe you're stuck looking out there for the love you haven't got from your father. You probably have a lot of anger inside you. Do something with it. Transform your anger and FIGHT YOUR WAY OUT OF DEPRESSION, you deserve a lot. That guy you mentioned doesn't deserve you. But hear me out, sometimes we get stuck in repetitive patterns and it might happen that YOU repeat a pattern where you get involved with people that doesn't care about you. This happens on a subconcious level. You have no rational reason to give up hope. Please tell me if I'm wrong. I care about you. edit: I would like to know more about your relationship with your father
  9. Hi I'm new here I find myself lost in depression after my breakup 7 months ago. I used to be able to work as a web developer but it seems I've just lost my skill. Or I hate what I do. I feel I can't do it anymore. I want to complete college (I study psychology) but I need to work. I'm 28 years old. I can only think of finding a job doing something else but it's not easy. And it's almost impossible for me to work and study. I see no way out. I don't want a miserable life doing something I don't like. I'm a failure. Is it my depression talking?. Or is it the fact that I'm a failure that is causing my depression?. I just don't want to live doing something I hate. Has anyone here ever successfully changed his/her job field?. I need a change. I just don't know how. I'm on clonazepam 2mg, sertraline 200mg - I wonder how much of cognitive impairment it does on me. And risperidone 1mg. I have an OCD diagnosis but mainly depressed at the moment.
  10. I know exactly what you're feeling. I have that feeling as well when I go to my therapist. It just feels there's no purpose on it, as I don't even BELIEVE things will get better in the first place. However, at least I feel better after the meeting. I believe that we should get our meds combo/dosage right if we're unable to get out of bed. It's much easier to take a few pills than to go to our therapist's office, and it's a beginning.
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