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  1. My mom passed away on Tuesday, 3 weeks to the day my dad passed. I feel ok. My mom was 88. The stroke took her speech, her swallowing and paralyzed her right side. She was really missing my dad.
  2. I am sorry. I know what you are going through. My mom had a bad stroke last week and is now in hospice.
  3. I don’t really post much but I do read the other posts. I feel ok but it was a summer I would like to forget. First, my brother-in-law died in June of Lupus. Then my dad had a stroke on July 4th. He came home and my siblings, their spouses and I along with hospice took care of him until he died on August 25th. Wait, it gets better. My mom had a severe stroke and is currently in a hospice. It doesn’t look good for her. Scott was 53, my dad was 86 and mom is 88. thank God for my husband. The meds and a good doctor helps too.
  4. @sober4life I am so sorry to hear about your mom. My thoughts are with you through this very difficult time.
  5. I made it to the 14th inning. I wearing my Red Sox t-shirt and hope the game is much shorter and they blow the Dodgers out!
  6. Excited! On vacation for 2 weeks. We are leaving for Ireland 🇮🇪 Sunday night. The mood is good, since the change in meds this past May. But I am always afraid the mood will shift downward again.
  7. Bored Otherwise I feel good😀
  8. Is anyone taking Vraylar as an adjunct to an anti-depressant. I started a couple of weeks ago and was wondering if anyone had any success.
  9. Coolcat, what happened? What happened?
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