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  1. 62. I was laid off in Feb 2020. After my severance was done I collected unemployment til Dec of 2020. I am now collecting my pension and Social Security. My husband is 4 years younger than me and carry’s the health insurance. If I wasn’t married, I probably would have to work.
  2. I feel good. Retirement has done wonders for my mood. That being said, I told my husband that I have been battling depression for almost 50 years. Those times in my teens and 20’s I was very depressed and suicidal. I feel good now, but man there were a lot of nights I prayed to God to take me. I would wake up in the morning and be pissed that I was still here. I finally found a good doc, and meds that worked and a very loving & supportive husband.
  3. I have been taking a small dose., 150mg. My P-doc says it helps with the suicidal thoughts. She may be right. I haven’t been suicidal in ages. It also could be that I am now retired and not working.
  4. I am retired. I spent 40 years working in IT, mostly on mainframes. Was laid off in Feb 2020. In December 2020, I turned 62 and decided I didn’t want to start over again.
  5. On our honeymoon, my husband and I drove 2200 in 12 days.
  6. Here in the Mass, housing is going crazy despite the pandemic, the bankruptcies and the lockdowns. We put my parents house on the market in October after they died and it sold within a week for 10k more than we asked. It is crazy.
  7. That’s too bad. When my mom was in hospice we were allowed 24 hour access but only 3 at a time. My brothers were with her when she passed.
  8. My mom passed away on Tuesday, 3 weeks to the day my dad passed. I feel ok. My mom was 88. The stroke took her speech, her swallowing and paralyzed her right side. She was really missing my dad.
  9. I am sorry. I know what you are going through. My mom had a bad stroke last week and is now in hospice.
  10. I don’t really post much but I do read the other posts. I feel ok but it was a summer I would like to forget. First, my brother-in-law died in June of Lupus. Then my dad had a stroke on July 4th. He came home and my siblings, their spouses and I along with hospice took care of him until he died on August 25th. Wait, it gets better. My mom had a severe stroke and is currently in a hospice. It doesn’t look good for her. Scott was 53, my dad was 86 and mom is 88. thank God for my husband. The meds and a good doctor helps too.
  11. @sober4life I am so sorry to hear about your mom. My thoughts are with you through this very difficult time.
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