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  1. Adam, that pic is giving me flashbacks. Just kidding, I love it! cbutterflies, thanks for your comments. I recommend these playful little frogs for anyone! They're extremely easy to care for, they're clean, hardy, and don't require a large aquarium. You can also have certain peaceful fish with them. Their antics are so entertaining and they really do have their different personalities. They very affectionate with each other ;O Why ME? It could be worse.... The grass is always greener.
  2. I'm sorry, I certainly didn't mean to scare anyone with that. It happens occasionally to me, yes, but I don't mean getting lost in public or anything like that. Just little things around the house. I may be old but I haven't lost my mind. Not yet, anyway. ;)
  3. I have smoked cigarettes off and on for years. Mostly on lately, but not what I consider heavy. Sometimes one pack per week, but this week has been a pack per day and I need to cut down. I also smoke MJ or "other" as prescribed by my doctor.
  4. It's usually because I can't remember what the heck I was doing or why I walked into a room. I imagine it's different for everyone though.
  5. A nationwide non-profit for mental health, and it's the first I've heard of it! Great suggestion, DadTim. They do seem like a wonderful organization. I googled California, and while not in every county there are some around.
  6. Crying can be very cathartic. After a good cry I always felt better, almost tranquilized. I kind of miss it for that quality, but maybe not. I think my SSRI limits it. Hope you continue to feel good, and remember next time you're down, it can indeed get better. :)
  7. "It's something else really.." I had a small business and almost worked myself to death. 15 years of 16 hour days, 6 days a week. I enjoyed it for a long time, but eventually crashed & burned out. It got to the point where I hated to see people walk in, the very people I made my living from. When my physical health started failing I had to sell it. Since depression didn't hit me until later in life I'm pretty sure that did something to my brain, but not positive. I've since recovered with Zoloft and living a stress-free-as-possible life, but some things never returned. I look back and wonder how I could have run a business and today be so forgetful and lazy.
  8. Upset, anxious, and p***** off. Almost lost my house in a foreclosure, due to an unbelievable set of circumstances but ultimately my negligence in not straightening out my mail delivery sooner. I've always had my mortgage payments deducted automatically from the bank (same bank for checking & mortgage). But apparently the insurance went up a bit so the payment amount increased by a couple of dollars. Well, the mortgage dept rejects anything that's not the exact amount, so before I knew it the house is 3 months in arrears and going into foreclosure for something like $8.00. I'd been having problems with a new mail carrier who was careless in not picking up my outgoing mail. I left a note for them, which they DID pick up, but I guess they were worried I'd make a complaint to their boss. I didn't, nor did I want to make a big thing about it, but they started withholding ALL my mail, saying the box was full, yada yada. CYA operation was on. Anyway, there were the notices. Couldn't believe it came to this for such a small amount, but figured one call to the mortgage company would take care of it. Wrong. They wouldn't listen to what I was saying, they didn't care. I guess they've heard every excuse in the book, but still...I finally got through to a manager who was somewhat sympathetic, but informed me the best way to avoid this was to pay the loan off in full that afternoon. Well, I did have the money in savings (just), but that was my nest egg. Nevertheless, I call a cab to the bank, but they notice my driver's license has lapsed by a few months and they need it current. I call another cab to take me to DMV, but the cab company in this town sucks. Half the time they just don't show up, or say they'll wait and take off. I end up walking to DMV about a mile away, and wait in line for an hour. How I passed it AND the eye test I don't know, but something was going right. I call the cab, no show, so hike back to the bank out of breath. I was a little stressed thinking they'd be closed, but thankfully they were open. I was ready to have a heart attack by then, but made the transfer, and now own my house free and clear, but at a cost. Sorry for the long post, but I needed to vent. I do feel better now. It could have been worse - I could be homeless, for an $8.00 mistake.
  9. Today I'm grateful that the ranch across the street has stopped planting cotton. I was afraid it meant they had finally sold out to a housing developer, but learned that they're just rotating crops and switching to some type of fruit tree...which means a few more years, at least.
  10. Welcome, Lady Slothbottom! Love the name. ;) Not sure I have any advice, other than not beating yourself up over a setback, but you probably know that already. How did it go at the doctor visit?
  11. "One negative thing about sitting around and waiting to die is that, at 27, you could be in for an awfully long wait." Thank you for saying this, it was my thought exactly. My life has been lived in phases, some better than others, but at 27 I would only be in the second or third phase. 27 years is only a little less than my second marriage lasted. I don't say that to belittle what you're feeling at all, only to give you another perspective. It's still too early in the game to predict the outcome, but in the meantime while you're waiting, the time will go by faster the more you're enjoying it. All it took was a visit to my general doctor who prescribed an antidepressant. It took about 4 weeks to kick in, but it's made all the difference in the world. Good luck and best wishes.
  12. Good luck! I don't think you're being unreasonable. After all, she did vow fidelity just a few months ago...
  13. Wow, this is a fascinating question! I never realized how many similar symptoms love and depression share. It would be easier to give an opinion if this was some random guy you only knew for a while, or if you were still deeply depressed. Were you feeling pretty good before he came back?
  14. My doctor said it's more common than we imagine, but embarrassing to talk about. In the movie "Friends With Money" Frances McDormand plays a fashion designer who has stopped shampooing her hair. She scratches her head constantly and gets grease on the pillows. I think she showers but just can't bring herself to wash her hair. This is kind of a funny twist - I've actually washed my hair in the kitchen sink rather than get in the shower. Glad to see new posters all the time.
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