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  1. People will make you feel like as if what you have is not a real thing. Like it's not a disease and you should be able to get over things with just a snap of your fingers. It's not that easy and takes time. Even then you will have moments when you 'relapse'. Just make sure that you do what is right for you regardless of what others say. And also be patient with yourself. It's bad enough that others don't understand you. I am facing a similar thing at work. Where I'm not sure if it's the people, or it's me or maybe it's both. But when you have people that do not understand what you are dealing with and who do not care because work Is the most important to them, then maybe you're not at the right place. With me it's very complicated because my boss is also my best friend but I doubt she could ever understand depression. If this were just a regular job I wouldn't feel as bad, but because she's my friend and knows about my depression and doesn't accept it as a reason why I can't come to work things are difficult and my anxiety is worse. I think it's time for me to look for a new job. Maybe a fresh start is better for you as well.
  2. I do so well and then I mess up so bad

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