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  1. I never was attracted to other people until just a few years ago, and I realised that I found both girls and guys attractive. I never worried about grades (bad move on my part), and I was generally numb all through high school so I never had too many problems, but I think I know where you're at. If you want a little more specific clarity you can always ask questions, we're all here for you. Take care RedPanda
  2. Sitting in the hallway outside Public Speaking, thinking about how I'm going to do my speech and hoping I won't mess up terribly.
  3. Grateful for the opportunity to learn at college, my car, the little bit of sleep I get, and the fact that I am still here and functioning.
  4. Cold, might snow more this afternoon.
  5. Hearing something about our or your mental status can cause extreme nervousness if you're not willing to talk about it or accept it. I used to shake quite a bit if I started thinking about depression or someone else was talking about it.
  6. Why didn't I do my math homework?
  7. Going to be reading the Illiad over the next few months when I get caught up on homework. After that, then The Odyssey
  8. Why do students with good grades get tuition assistance while those who struggle are punished?
  9. Supposedly, my partner is my support, but I hardly ever ask for it. Sometimes I feel like I should, but I try to keep busy with work and school instead
  10. I'm afraid that all of my effort won't make a difference in anyone's life.
  11. Music is a big part of my life, considering I've spent nearly $800 on audio equipment, and I have another $4000 or so planned in the coming years. I do a lot of critical listening, taking time out of my day to listen intently to the recording and really get into the songs. It helps me relax and forget about the problems of my life for a while.
  12. Getting ready to leave for work.
  13. Failure is both a good and bad thing. If we don't experience failure as we grow up, we will never be prepared for the real world. By failing tasks that we are ill prepared for, we allow ourselves to grow and understand our limitations, so we can know where the boundaries to success are. I didn't fail in high school, but I should've, and failing 5/7 classes first semester in college was one of the best things that could happen to me now that I look back. Failure is just a message telling you to find a different solution to a problem.
  14. I'm nervous, just waiting for algebra to start, I hate math.
  15. My intent is to pay attention in math so I can get a hold of myself this semester.
  16. (Foods) food: Lazagna meal of the day: Cereal? desert: Brownies, ice cream, and raspberries type of meat: Any kind of beef vegetable: Carrots fruit: Raspberry kind of salad: Not sure kind of cookie: Chocolate chip pizza topping: Pepperoni Icecream flavor: Coffee snack: Triscuits drink: Just water alcoholic drink: None so far nationality of food (chinese, italian, etc.): Chinese meal to cook: Lazagna flavor coffee: no candy: Reeses snack at the movies: none, I'm not a millionaire carnival/fair treat: None (Everyday stuff.....) time to get up: 6:30 place to shop: Vinyl Renaissance, an audio shop in town time of day: Depends on the day day of week: Every day is okay month: January animal: I love any kind of predatory animal colors: Dark red season: Winter type of weather: Cold, snowy, cloudy sport: Soccer topic of conversation (Life, Politics, religious views): None. (Music, Movies, etc.) genre of music: Jazz band: Yes music to listen to when you're sad: Any music to listen to when you're angry: none song: Heart of the Sunrise TV show overall: GitS SAC reality show: none game show: none drama: Hannibal sitcom: none (All About You...) best physical feature (Optional - OK all questions are): uh, not sure best personality trait: Patience thing that makes you smile: excited people room in your house: My own place to be alone: my room, outside place to be with your friends: None
  17. Now I'm just sitting in the hallway waiting for college algebra to start in an hour. I'm hoping I don't fail it this semester
  18. I've actually never been on medication, due to the price and complications, so it is possible to go through depression unmedicated, it's just very difficult.
  19. I look only at the coming moments, sometimes just a day ahead, so I can focus on the small things that make my day better. I'll often listen to music if I'm feeling really down, just to have something to focus on, and it helps me not to think of anything bad.
  20. I've tried to be monogamous, but my S/O was trying to figure out how they wanted to do things, and had several other partners in the course of our relationship, and I'm currently unsure of the status of our own pairing at the moment. I'm okay with them trying new things, but it makes me feel bad when I know that my partner has someone else when all I have is my partner.
  21. I'm just okay today

  22. Yes, I've been jealous that other people have seen my partner while we were still together, but I've never been jealous of other people in relation to me. Looks, I don't care much about, but intelligence is something I always wish I had. Other people seem to have it much easier than me when it comes to school, and while I'm not jealous of their brain power, I wish I had some of my own.
  23. We're all only human, and it's natural to make assumptions about other people, but no, I didn't think you were judging me. We're all here for a similar reason I think.
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