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  1. Weight does matter. Don't join the crowd that say that weight doesn't matter. I am sure you are better than that! I have been suffering depresion, loneliness, anxiety and other mental issues all my life all caused by my self perception as ugly and unwanted. So I can relate. However, I firmly believe that weight (or more correctly body composition) is very manageable for both women and men. If you are facialy unattractive, that is a different story (my case) and that takes more work to fix because you simply cannot move your eyes closer or make your head smaller. But if your only problem is weight, you are a lucky person. The problem is that people are not wiling to make sacrafices. And by sacrafices I mean a complete change in your life. Everything. The moment you get up in the morning, you need to think about the key actions in your day that will help you to achieve your goal. You have to plan meals, cook every day, go sleep early, exercise, learn about nutrition, buy expensive supplements, drink more water and go to the bathroom every hour. You are going to have to learn the science behing fat loss. If food tastes too good, spit it out. You have to limit interactions with certain people that make you eat things you can't eat. Yes, you might have to abandon some of your friends if they don't support you. You might have to limit time you spend with your family if that makes you eat unhealthy. You have to limit parties, celebrations even lunches with colleagues. You are going to have to face people who will laugh at your new lifestyle. I personally moved from my old flat to a new one that has gym in the same building. And the worst part is, if you have bad genes that make you naturally store more fat, you have to do most of these things for the rest of your life. Every. Single. Day. Never stop. And it is going to get tougher and tougher. Two weeks into your diet you will feel hungry, angry, tired, depressed. You will want to give up. Your work performance will suffer. You will meet people who will be stuffing themselves with sugar and not gain a single gram of fat. You have to acknowledge the brutal unfairness of this world and just be focused on your goal. But you know what? It is worth it... This is how it is done.
  2. Hello everyone, How can I effectively deal with having a very inferior physical appearance (male, 26 years old) but craving for a successful career and a healthy relationship in a world that ignores and disregards people who are unattractive? For about two years now, I have been struggling with isolation, loneliness and general feeling of hopelesness of all my efforts. Despite working extra hard in my job, keeping a very healthy regiment including regular exercise and staying confident on the outside I realized that I will never be fully respected, appreciated or loved because people just don’t like to hang out with ugly people like me. I am struggling more than ever to keep eating healthy food, working extra hours at my job and arranging plans for the future because so far I have received mostly setbacks. Probably the most painful consequence is a complete lack of romantic relationships. Girls just don’t even look at me unless they need my help. I have put a lot of effort into finding a date and making myself as good looking as I possibly could but no matter how hard I exercise or how much money I spend on a stylist, nothing seems to be beating poor genes and general bad looks that I possess. I don’t know anymore, what should I keep saying to myself to stay motivated in life. Nothing seems to be able to beat my inability to fully bond with people or feel good about myself because of the way I naturally look. The realization that I will never get things that average looking people can get easily is becoming unbearable. I would like to reach out to all physically challenged people on this forum to give me advice on how to cope with everyday life. Thank you very much and I am sending a big hug to you all
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