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  1. Tired right now. Time for bed. Good night all and I hope everyone feels better. (((Hugs))) JJ
  2. Hi all. I just wanted to share a few insights I learned about myself recently. I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently and I think I’ve realized some things. I do better with dental work/procedures, when the doctor is talking me through things. Sometimes it helps if the assistant talks to me also, but mostly I need the encouragement from the doctor. When I saw Dr. G., this was the first time I met him. We did a consultation, exam and treatment (rct) all in one day, the first day, because it was an emergency situation and I was in a lot of pain. Part of what helped me through this rct was the environment. It was a very calming environment, from the décor down to the soft music playing in the background. Dr. G.’s gentle and calm manner really helped also. He focused on his work, but also talked to me throughout the procedure, telling me how we were progressing and how far along we were. The fact that he’s done a lot of research on how to make the procedure go quickly helped a lot too. The breaks of down time between the different parts of the procedure helped too. I had time before he came in to examine me to sit in the chair and relax. I had time after the injections to let them start working really well and get me numb, before any work began and that helped. The procedure itself went really quick, which helped my anxiety and my jaw pain. A traditional rct procedure is very difficult for me, mostly due to my jaw. Even when I break it into two appointments, it's really difficult for me. It helps me if there's a balance during procedures. Breaks as needed to take a breather and calm down. The doctor talking to me on and off throughout the procedure really helps. I think a constant stream of talking would make me more anxious, as I want the doctor to focus on the work more than my emotional state. At the same time it helps to know that they are checking in on me and treating me as a whole person, not just treating my teeth. It helps to get progress reports during procedures, such as approximately how much time is left. It helps to have the procedure broken into steps and to be aware of the steps. It's also very helpful that the doctor is gentle with me. I realize some work is a bit rougher in nature, but if the dentist is gentle, they take care not to jostle you during treatment. I just wanted to share that. Thanks. JJ
  3. Hi didi768. I actually haven't started yet. My start date will be 10/19/15. I'm a CMA - Certified Medical Assistant. My job is a mixture of administrative and clinical duties. It can very based on location what exactly you do. It's my understanding that at this new job, I'll be taking patients' vital signs (height, weight, blood pressure & pulse), wound care, injections and various in office laboratory testing. There will also be paper work duties involved, including a lot of work with medical records on the computer (electronic records). I'm trained to draw blood, perform rapid strep tests and a variety of other things. I can assist doctors, nurse practitioners and nurses in different capacities, depending on what's needed. JJ
  4. My dental and oral health really bugs me. It feels like a losing battle. I also dislike the lack of energy I've had for the last week or so. Who likes feeling exhausted all the time? JJ
  5. Hi all. Quick update here. For the record, I did contact a new office this morning. It's a doctor I found at the same time I met Dr. R., but I saw Dr. R. first and never met this doctor, thinking Dr. R. would be my dentist for a long time to come. This new doctor is Dr. C. I haven't met him or spoken to him yet. I have a new patient exam, x-rays and cleaning scheduled for November 5th and I intend to keep it unless it conflicts with my new job. Then I'd have to move it back further. I was up front on the phone and asked if the doctor was comfortable working with phobic patients. They said they actually already have a couple of phobic patients there and that it's not a problem for the doctor. I hope they're right. The practice website also has a video clip of patient testimonials and one of the people in the clip spoke about the doctor helping them with their phobia. I hope he can help me also. Thanks again. JJ
  6. I got my lower braces removed today. No more braces now. I got to pick up my retainer this afternoon. This morning I called and made an appointment with a new dentist. I'm planning to fill out some new insurance paper work later today. Have to submit for health, dental and vision insurances. I also want to work on an assignment for continuing education credits (ceus). I need these in order to keep my CMA certification current. JJ
  7. I got my lower braces removed this morning. Braces free finally. The process hurt, but it was expected and I got through it. I have to go back this afternoon to pick up my lower retainer. Still feeling pretty wiped out and exhausted. I'm glad I already scheduled the new patient appointment and cleaning with the new dentist. It's a lunch time appointment, so I'm hoping it won't be an issue with my new job. I'll just leave for lunch early and come back a bit late that day. I'll let them know ASAP, so they aren't surprised. Trying to use what's left of my time off wisely. I have to fill out some papers for my new insurance plans, health, dental and vision. Then I'll send it by email. I hope everyone feels better. ((((((Hugs all around.)))))) JJ
  8. Both excited and scared right now. I have an appointment in an hour to get my lower braces removed. I want them off, but the process hurts, so let's just get it done already. So happy to be done with braces. Now to just remember to wear the retainers. I've had mixed feelings since I found out I'm looking for a new dentist due to my phobia. I called up an office this morning. Their website was convincing, so I hope it's truthful. I called and made a new patient appointment for early November, because that's when my insurance starts. I figured I don't want to wait and let things get worse. My teeth are already in bad shape. I struggled ahead of time not sure what to say on the phone. I decided it was best to be completely honest, because honesty is always best. I told them I'm phobic and asked if the doctor was comfortable working with phobic patients. They said yes and that actually have a couple of other phobic patients already. Fingers crossed that all goes well in a few weeks. JJ
  9. Hi. Thank you all for your support and suggestions. I actually have a doctor in mind, but I need to ask some questions on the phone before I commit to an appointment. I'm still feeling really hurt and emotional regarding what happened with Dr. R. and his office. It's going to be really difficult for me to open up to a new doctor now. I really wish I had a therapist right now. The extra support and guidance really helps me in times like these. Thanks again for all of your help. JJ
  10. I went for my physical for my new job this morning. Got a TB Test and my first Hepatitis A shot. Didn't realize I didn't have it. Have to get the 2nd (and last shot) in 6 months. I also went to the next town over to get finger printed for my new job. Can't believe they do it digitally now. I also spoke to my dentist's office this morning. Found out that they won't keep me on as a patient due to my phobia. I feel betrayed and angry at them. Now I have to find another doctor. I'm exhausted now. Both physically and mentally. JJ
  11. Hi again. I think I'm actually grieving right now. I'm sad to leave that office and at the same time I'm not sure what to do next. I know I need to find another doctor and in some sense I feel some urgency and in another sense I want to wait. Any appointments I schedule now will be after November 1st. That's when my insurance kicks in. I want to find someone, because now I need all the new patient stuff done again. I get my braces on the lower teeth removed tomorrow, so they're going to be acting up for a week or two. The teeth are sensitive after removal while they're adjusting to no braces. I still need those 4 crowns, a good follow up deep cleaning and whatever other gingivitis care I need. That top front tooth of mine is still acting weird. It firmed up some, but still feels loose. It also hurts on and off and I'm not sure what's causing that. I'm wondering if that's a symptom of the resorption. I also have that de-calcification from the braces. I don't know how they treat that. I'll have to ask. Can I ask for some advice here? When I meet my new doctor and his staff what do I say? Do I tell him it's just a bad anxiety or call it a phobia? It's really both for me, but I'm afraid to scare off another doctor. How do I find out if this next one is willing to go through all this? Do I come straight out and ask him, point blank? Then there's my letter and packet that I prepared a few months back. Do I give that to the new doctor? Or is that what scares them off? I wish I didn't have this phobia and anxiety. I just want to go and have the work done and be done with it. Why does my mind make it into such a big deal? I'm really overwhelmed right now. I could cry. Thanks again for your support. JJ
  12. Hi all. Time for another update here. This whole situation just has me on edge right now. Well, I called Dr. R.'s office first thing today. I'm not seeing them anymore. It was their choice. They gave me two excuses. One that I saw the other office and it was not emergency work, which I totally disagree with and I told them this. Two Dr. R. can't 'accomadate' my phobia. Well, if that's the case I wish he would've told me sooner. Apparently he cancelled my cleaning appointment himself after he found out I had gone to the other office. So even when I saw him last week and he referred me out for the rct, he'd already made up his mind at that point. My question is when were they planning on telling me? Nobody said anything to me until Monday when I called. I would've shown up next week for that appointment and not had a clue. Very unprofessional way of handling things. Now I have to find another office and doctor and make sure they accept my new insurance. I don't even think I'll mention my phobia this time. I'll just tell them I'm anxious and my body language will say the rest. I can't deal with possibly losing another doctor again. I'm angry and frustrated at the same time. This is going to take awhile to settle down from. Beyond that, I'm overdue for a cleaning now. Who knows how soon another office will be able to get me in? Sorry for the rant. I'm just really annoyed and hurt right now. Thanks again for all of your support. JJ
  13. Hi Desperados. Thanks for your support. I really appreciate it. I hope this ends soon too, but I know I still have a lot of work to go before I'm on the road to recovery. Thanks. JJ
  14. Thanks Novangel. I'm at that place now where I know I need to find someone else, I just don't feel ready emotionally. Although my dental health isn't leaving me with much of an option here. I need to act fast. JJ
  15. Exhausted, stressed and ready to cry. Feel like I've been betrayed and don't know what the next step is. JJ
  16. Had a busy and an emotional day today. Now I'm exhausted, but what else is new. I've been tired for several days now. JJ
  17. I'm sorry you're dealing with this. Hope you feel better soon. JJ
  18. Absolutely exhausted.

  19. Absolutely exhausted. I'm ready for bed now. Good night all. I hope everyone feels better. I'm sorry for not replying to peoples' post individually. Sometimes I don't know what to say. JJ
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