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  1. I finished my first week of work at my new job. Feeling really exhausted right now. JJ
  2. I finished my first week of work at my new job. Feeling really exhausted right now. JJ
  3. Hi all. Well, this is depressing. I just realized that all 8 of my molars are compromised in one way or another. I have 5 molars that have had rcts and 1 has a crown the other 4 still need it. The remaining molars all have fillings of various sizes and locations. At least 2 of my molars have cavities that have been filled near or under the gum line. This is bad. I don't have one single good, healthy molar in my mouth. Partly genes, partly neglect on my part because taking care of my teeth properly hurts. Brushing hurts and flossing hurts more. This is even with sensitivity relief toothpaste. I've tried professional flouride varnishes several times. I've tried flouride rinses with a Rx. I've tried Rx flouride toothpastes. All of my teeth and gums are sensitive. My jaw hurts, basically all day every day. The amount of pain varies. Ever since my jaw surgery in July 2014 I've had partial numbness in my lower lip. It's really weird because it comes and goes. I have those three teeth with external root resorption which are really freaking me out. The one tooth hurts and feels loose still. My four lower front teeth hurt so bad. I think the bottoms of the teeth are exposed. Little to no gums covering them. I've been told this may be a result of my braces or jaw surgery or a combination, but I can't put up with it much longer. I'll probably look into that gum graft surgery. I already feel sorry for my new dentist. I have so many issues and so many questions. I really hope he has the patience and expertise to deal with me and my problems. I keep thinking I need a referral to a periodontist, but no one has referred me as of yet. I know I'm a worry wort. I can't help it. This is one of those times I really wish my brain had an off switch or mute button. Help... JJ
  4. Wow, this'll be a long list. lol Finish writing a novel and get it published. I actually have one that's almost ready, but don't know if I'd ever have the nerve to publish it.I'd love to be able to work for myself as a professional author, writing novels.To be able to go to the dentist like a normal person. No fear or anxiety. Just normal every 6 months visits with the occasional extra visit if a problem came up. I'd love to never need another rct or have a cavity filled. This is really a dream though, my dental and oral health is really bad and even though I try it always feels like a losing battle.I'd love to have lots of animals some day, both large and small. Right now it's just my two kitties and I love them, but I've always wanted more. Big responsibility though.To be successful in my professional career.To find a boy friend and have it become a serious long term relationship.To get married and have children. I always say I want two, one boy and one girl, but we'll see what happens.To get and stay organized. I always seem to be surrounded by papers and clutter.To not worry about my health. It's on my mind a lot, even though I'm generally healthy.
  5. Started reading a new novel recently. For the record, I typically am reading several books and/or magazines at the same time. Even if I like something I'm not regular with it. The Lost Key (An FBI Thriller) Authors: Catherine Coulter and J. T. Ellison
  6. The thought has crossed my mind also. It also worries me that friends or family may come across posts at some point. JJ
  7. Exhausted. Just spent a couple of hours online filling out paper work for my new job. The government loves paper work. lol JJ
  8. My cats made me laugh earlier. They were having a blast chasing each other all over the house. I also laughed at a couple of goofy posts here on DF. It just depends on what thread I'm reading. For people with depression, we can have a good sense of humor. JJ
  9. Hi. I can relate. I feel tired all the time too. For me though, no prescription medications and I don't excercise much. That'd probably help. I've been told it can be a thyroid issue. Something to look into at least. For me they've ruled it out, but it can cause fatigue. Good luck. JJ
  10. You're not old. 10 pm isn't too bad. When I'm working I'm in bed by 8 or 9 pm in order to be up by 6 am. Didn't mean to steal your win. JJ
  11. Had two appointments with my orthodontist. Spent a lot of free time worrying about my teeth and oral health. Had a Bible study tonight. Played with my kitties. Now it's time for bed. JJ
  12. Why would we be shocked you're still up? What time is it there? It's 11:16 pm here. JJ
  13. Hi all. I never know what to say in this thread. It always makes me laugh though. :coophaha: JJ
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