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  1. Having a lot of anxiety right now.

    1. Natasha1


      Has anything worked in the past for your anxiety? You could try the 321 methid. Ill look for the thread right now and comment again

    2. Natasha1
  2. Really struggling right now.  Last two days have been full of flashbacks, anxiety, fear and nightmares.

    I'm really upset right now because 3 days ago a tooth that had a root canal treatment done a month ago, started hurting again.  It initially settle down after treatment, but now the pain is back and it's causing me to panic.  It also has these periods where it will feel loose and then fine again and go back and forth.  Recently it's felt loose and that really scares me.

    I called my dentist, Dr. C., this morning and he is going to see me today at 4 pm.  I'm still in the process of building trust with him, so I still get in this panicky, anxiety and fearful kind of mood before appointments.  Especially when it's something unexpected like this.

    I'm really worried that he won't be able to treat it himself and that I'll need a referral to a specialist.  I'm not ready to meet and try to trust another doctor right now.

    I'm afraid I'm going to need some complicated treatment to fix this tooth.


  3. Very tired after a long day at work.

    1. Hairpy Burpday

      Hairpy Burpday

      But it means that you deserve some good times and relaxation :) Rest and enjoy! *hugs*

    2. SFChristianGirl


      Thank you for the support.

  4. Feeling calm right now and tired.  I have a new routine that I set up with my online therapist and it really helps me to relax and feel in control of my emotions.  The routine involves breathing, positive self-talk, meditation and visualization, which is a type of exposure therapy.

  5. Spent a grand total of 2 hours and 45 minutes at the dentist today between two appointments.  Now that everything is over for the time being I'm feeling oddly emotional.  I feel like I want to cry.  Next dental appointment is in a week on May 4 th.

  6. Feeling very anxious right now.  Have a dental appointment tomorrow.  I know this is with the dentist I started seeing who's really compassionate and gentle, but I still get really scared and anxious when I go to the dentist.  I hope I don't have a panic attack while I'm there.

  7. Hi everyone.  Sorry I haven't been on in awhile.  I've been doing well emotionally recently.   Went to Urgent Care last night and got diagnosed with strep throat. So, today took a sick day, because the doctor insisted I stay home from work and rest. On antibiotics, at home resting today.

  8. Absolutely exhausted.

  9. Congrats on your new job!! : )

  10. Very tired right now.

  11. Got a job offer yesterday and I accepted. I'm excited to start soon.

    1. callisto


      I got one too!!! We're job twins! Congrats, I hope it'll be good for you and you'll like it. :)

  12. My head is throbbing right now. My tooth still hurts a lot. I'm exhausted. Time for bed. Good night all.

  13. Absolutely exhausted right now. I'm going to go lay down and see if I can sleep for awhile.

  14. Starting to get concerned now. Just checked my temperature and have a fever of 102.7 degrees F.

  15. Having dental problems right now and feeling physically ill. Nothing new here.

  16. My stupid teeth are hurting again. Will this pain ever end?

  17. Emotionally I feel like I just got hit by a ton of bricks. I was on Facebook earlier and for a minute thought I'd found my birth father. Turns out he was the wrong age. For a minute there I almost wanted to message him.

  18. I'm near tears right now. The pain from this loose tooth is that bad. What more can I say?

  19. I'm having a panic attack right now. This loose tooth and my dental health are really freaking me out. I just want this pain to stop.

  20. Exhausted, anxious and fearful. Still feeling very emotional about my dental health. I hope I don't cry again tonight. Last night I got myself so worked up that I cried until I fell asleep.

  21. I'm feeling very discouraged about my teeth and gums right now. This dental work is never ending.

    1. buttermybiscuit


      I'm so sorry to hear that. All my sympathy is with you right now.

    2. SFChristianGirl


      Thank you. I really appreciate your support.

  22. "Keep Moving Forward" - By: Walt Disney

  23. I'm exhausted. Time for bed. Good night all.

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