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  1. I hadn't read your blog post until tonight. I understand so much more now about how difficult having dental work is for you. I wish we could have one procedure in our lifetimes that made everything better and you'd never have to go to a dentist again! re: the crown...will they let you pay it for it bit by bit?


    Thanks for your comment and support.


    I wish for that too.  I'm not really sure about paying in installments.  The monthly amount is too much and I can't afford it right now.

  2. Perhaps finding another dentist would help? Do not feel bad about this phobia, it is common. I mean, who do you know that actually likes to hear a dentist drill? Not me buddy, give me the Happy Gas every time!


    Thank you.  I like my new, current dentist.  He's very understanding and patient.  I'm going to use the nitrous from now on, whenever possible.  I can't cope otherwise.

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