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  1. What started the obsession was poor body image due to influence from the media
  2. I sat beside a girl in class and she would always smile, stare and talk to me. She had a long term bf though. I don't kno I sat beside her for 5 months and we just drifted apart. I was mean to her on facebook. And she kept blocking me although gives me a chance sometimes. What happened?
  3. But will I be okay??? I can't change the past and what I did for 12 months
  4. I've been wearing boxers and tanktop for like 12 months tho everyday
  5. I wear a tank top sleeveless and boxers. There are couple girls in the house tho, can they see everything or will I be fine
  6. Sure what do I tell my doctor. Yes I had a similar problem with a girl in high school, and my psychiatrist labelled it a "love" obsession. I have an ocd diagnosis
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