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  1. Hi Rahul, Its great that you have returned to share an update. I've been reading through many of the Cipralex(Lexepro) threads trying to decide on my own path forward. Last night while reading one of the threads, as I was reading I thought to myself this sounds familiar....and then I realized I was reading my own posts from a few years ago! lol I had forgotten that I had posted here. My first time posting in a forum. It makes sense that you would experience the reaction that you did after taking benzo's for an extended period of time and then going cold turkey.'How are you doing now? in the seven or so years that you took Lexepro, was it positive for you? hope you're having a great day Rahul! Olivern
  2. Hey Olivern, It's great to hear that you are experiencing relief from most of your side effects, I think everyone here can relate to the agony that those bring. As for when you should raise the dose, that's an interesting question with winter and the holidays coming, I'm not sure there is an ideal time, you just need to trust your instincts and make the best decision for you. Hi redviper, Thanks. Yes I am relieved. I think I may try to increase to 10 mg in another week or so. I will start on a weekend and try to keep commitments to a minimum until I know how I feel.My hope is that any side effects will be manageable and pass quickly. Fingers crossed. I really didn't like the feeling of being so spaced out! It's Good to hear that your days have been more manageable viper. Also good that the klonopin is really helping manage anxiety in the interim. I think it's wise of you to wait to see what the full effect's of 10 mg will be for you. Thanks again for your message last week. Hope your day is good. Good day to all!
  3. Hi everyone, I'm now at day thirteen @ 5mg. I'm happy to say that the fuzzy headed feeling has passed - for which I am thankful! As have most of the other initial side effects that I had experienced. Having been so sensitive to start up side effects of these types of medications, I am really glad that I decided to give it another try at half the dose. Now I'm just questioning when I should try to increase to 10 mg. now having relief from the side effects I'm not exactly chomping at the bit to do so! But I would like to see if I could experience more of a benefit... Redviper & mtl2575 how are both of you? - and the rest I hope you are having a good start to the week.
  4. Mtl2575, it sounds like the the lexepro is very stimulating for you - I would really recommend that you see your doctor to discuss the side effects your experiencing. It could be that there are other options that would be better suited for you. Just Lack of sleep alone will have a big impact on your feeling of wellbeing. Take good care and I hope that you manage to get some rest tonight.
  5. I understand your predicament - I too have a brand new primary doctor after having been with my previous doctor for a number of years. In the back of mind I also had the concern that she may get the impression that I want pills- though like you in reality I have always gone the natural route. So it's a bit tricky. Maybe if your doctor is uncomfortable prescribing the klonopin for another mont, you could come to a compromise, like say two weeks and then see her again to check in and see where your at? So far my anxiety hasn't been too bad and I am thankful for that because honestly I'm not sure how I would realistically cope with no help, at least temporarily for that. I am a thirty five year old female by the way. I do think that I will need to go up to at least 10 mg at some point to get the full benefit - I'm just scared to do that! None of us like the side effects and because our body chemistry's are each unique it's hard to predict how we personally will manage. Best of luck for your appointment tomorrow viper!
  6. I understand you when you say your half present, I definitely prefer being fully present, especially when I have a list of things to do. Though I am feeling less altered than I was feeling initially- which is a relief. It's especially difficult when this is an additional feeling that is not usually present over and above the anxiety. I have noticed though that I'm a little more easy going socially - along with my anxiety I tend to be a bit shy, which sometimes makes me hesitate a bit in social situations - this has decreased, which feels good. I'm feeling really unsure though about moving up to 10 mg, I almost feel that I'm delaying the inevitable in staying at 5mg - I just don't want added side effects. Redviper it seems that taking the klonopin with the lexepro has been a good combo for you - maybe you can stay on the klonopin until you feel more of a lifting of the side effects and the positives are more established. And I think the feeling of being somewhat emotionally blunted will go away with time. Mlt2575 I take my pill at night which seems to work for me - I decided to do it that way to try to avoid feeling more intensified side effects during the day and for me it's actually sedating, so I don't think I could manage taking it during the day. Hang in there, And I hope the rest of your day is good.
  7. Redviper, sorry to hear that you went through that experience last night. How are you doing today?Perhaps it was the combination of reducing your klonopin and being in a busy environment? So far it does seem that one day I'll feel more fuzzy headed and the next not as much. Saturday was a bit rough for me - I was feeling very zoned out and tired. I found myself having to really stop and think about what I was doing as I was going about my day. I was slowed mentally, which makes it harder to function as I normally would. I'm thankful that my anxiety hasn't really increased. Today I felt better than I did yesterday, not bad, less fuzzy headed, but still not quite me. We met some friends and went swimming this afternoon, which was nice. I'm trying to think positively that maybe tomorrow will be another day like today and that weird head feeling will dissipate a little more. I so hope so. Mtl2575 yes I also have experienced some of the same experiences - that's why I stopped taking it for a week after I had started because I was feeling so odd - but that does seem somewhat better now, though I cut my dose in half and I'm only taking 5mg right now to try to gently ease myself into taking it. I'm taking it day by day - I'm really not sure when and if I should increase to 10mg. I was actually supposed to be unto 20 Meg's by this point. I am a petite person and at this point I think it's unlikely that I'll be able to increase to 20mg any time soon.Have you considered lowering your dose for a bit to see if that makes a difference - how did feel on the lower doses? I would suggest talking to your doctor - maybe something temporary for anxiety would help. But it's worth getting in touch with your doctor and having a discussion about your options. Hang in there everyone! Wishing all a good night
  8. Mtl2575, thought you might find this helpful, http://www.depressionforums.org/forums/topic/10912-how-long-did-it-take-to-feel-better/page-1
  9. Hi mtl2575, I'm sorry to hear that you're having a difficult day and a hard time of it with the side effects. It can be rather horrible, especially when your just trying to get back on track and feel well. As many of us here - I have read through a number of posts and did read many that had said similar things - that they expereinced pretty bad side effects and didn't feel very well at all until 4,5,6,7 weeks and as redviper mentioned, that was at a full therapeutic dose. So it is still quite possible that you will feel those same positive benefits and that the side effects will go away. For some - they ultimately decide that it's not the right medication and try another. As I mentioned in a previous post, the first week I had taken lexepro (cipralex here in Canada) a few days in, I started to feel very weird and out of it...it felt almost like I was dreaming. It was a very uncomfortable experience and I just felt like I couldn't function like that - especially with a child. So I stopped taking them and then decided to try again a few days ago. Do you have anything on hand to help with your anxiety? Like klonopin or Ativan. If you would prefer something natural, i sometimes use Bach rescue remedy. I wonder if this could help you get through this period. It might be a good idea to speak with your doctor to let them know how your feeling. Have you considered seeing a therapist? This may benefit you in the long run to help work through your anxiety. Lack of sleep doesn't help either! - this could be greatly impacting you as well. Do you take the med in the morning or at night? Ear ringing hasen't been one of the side effects that I've experienced, but maybe someone else has and can share? You will feel like your old self again!! - it's just figuring out the path to get there and taking it one day at a time.
  10. Thanks viper for reminding me that others have also gone through that Se.for me out of all side effects I think that is the most difficult. Glad you didn't go through that. So far so good - no more of that. I felt as though I was losing my mind, it scared me.Today (day 2 of wk 2, 1 wk break in between) I'm okay(ish) lol. What I'm feeling is quite fuzzy headed and moments of zoning out, with a bit of difficulty in quickly processing what other people say and what I'm saying. A bit of tight jaw. I do hope that my head becomes less fuzzy.Is this something you have felt viper? It sounds as though the klonopin is quite a help when beginning this. To mtl257- I . It won't be like this forever. I always find it helps to remember "this too shall pass" . It may also help to ground yourself in remembering that for 39 yrs you've functioned quite well.From all that I've read, it seems many say that they felt significant relief at the 6-8 week mark. It takes time. I am also sensitive like you and can appreciate how you are feeling. How are you feeling today? It would be great to hear from you and I suggest checking in regularly if that helps. Anyone else experiencing the fuzzy head - has it improved? I appreciate the support and am happy to offer my experience and support as well.
  11. Hi redviper, thanks for your response. It's certainly been helpful to read your updates, as well as others like Ina : ) thanks for the validation regarding derealization as a possible side effect. I can usually deal with the physical side effects, but feeling very out of it tends to be a big trigger. My doctor actually didn't prescribe anything else to assist with the startup effects and I just didn't think of it while I was with her, but thanks for the tip, if still needed I will talk to her about the klonopin when I next see her. After reading more here last night, I decided to take the plunge and give it another go, but this time going very slowly. I know that my body seems to process these meds very sensitively, so I am just going to take 5 mg for altleast a week and then see how I feel at that point. I'm thinking slow and steady wins the race! It defentely won't be a positive experience if I overload myself with side effects That ultimately I can't tolerate. I am happy and thankful to feel some cautious optimism today. So far I haven't been too bad. I haven't felt the derealization - thank goodness!! I feel a bit fuzzy headed and a bit slower in my processing of things, but other than that not too bad. I even feel a little lighter somehow and a little less worried, even though it's a grey overcast rainy day here in Canada. I hope and pray that I continue to feel less side effects. Congrats on reaching the 2 week mark redviper! And thanks to all for sharing their experiences.
  12. Hello redviper and everyone else, This is my first post. I'm thankful to find this community and thanks viper for starting this thread and sharing your experience beginning lexepro. It sounds as though you are gradually feeling the benefits, which is great! I put off seeing my doctor for many months to again ask about starting medication to help cope with my anxiety and depression and long term ptsd. I tried a number of natural alternatives Hoping to find something that would really help, but just didn't have much luck. So last week on Tuesday I saw my doctor and she prescribed cipralex 10 mg to start for 2 weeks and then after her suggestion was to bump up to 20 mg to get the full benefit. One of the reasons I think I hesitated so long to try medication again is because I seem to be very sensitive to it's effects. I took Celexa a number of years ago and it helped. But in the last few years have only been able to tolerate something for a maximum of a week because the side effects were so strong. So last week I took 10 Mg's for three nights and then one night at five. Initially I had some nausea and as expected it made me very sleepy, that's why I decided to take it at night. The first night I woke up several times with some increased anxiety - these were all manageable SE's but then after I guess the second dose I felt so out of it!!!! On top of the flat tiredness, was a sense of derealization - which I don't typically experience. Almost as if I was dreaming. Like I had several drinks.This feeling really scared me. So difficult for me to be around others while feeling that way. I am a single parent and after five days of taking the cipralex I was feeling like I couldn't function feeling so odd and out of it. Has any else experienced those similar feelings and does that improve with time?? So I stopped taking it three nights ago now.I would like to be able to get through the intial side effects to see if the cipralex could help, I just don't know if I can function through that for any lengthy period. I would Appreciate hearing any one else's experiences
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