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  1. I frequently feel physically sick, alongside of depression. I feel ill, my head hurts, and just nauseous and too weak to do much. My parents/doctor/boss always thought it was because I was lazy, but I feel this way even when I want to do something...
  2. I wish I had less problems in my life. Unfortunately, with 1)Depression 2)s***ty Social Skills 3)Ugliness I remain alone, unlike the abusers and bullies in my life... Life doesn't seem worth living alone. :(
  3. I'm in the same place, though slightly younger. I think social skills could be learned eventually, so even if you can't make friends, surround yourself with people in situation where they will attempt to get to know you.
  4. This is the part where you work harder to be a better worker. Bring in more clients, be more efficient, develop a better product, etc.
  5. One solution that people on the internet give to my problems (loneliness, depression, and poor social skills) is to "Just be happy". I don't really have the knowledge for this type thing. I can easily make myself upset, disappointed, sad, cry, etc... But I don't know how to make myself happy. I don't know how to turn the switch on my brain to flood my body with happiness.
  6. I don't have family as an option. They were abusive people I can't handle anymore.
  7. Well, facebook is a symptom of having friends. I don't have facebook.
  8. You know I wish I could be like some of you guys. I wish I could have a significant other, family, friends, therapist, etc. to depend on. Sadly, I don't, which is why depression is a very difficult struggle day to day for me. ...And besides depression I also have social anxiety, poor social skills, and a lack of confidence, which happy people often tend to bully me for. ...I have pretty much failed to make friends in person, but... ...I can't seem to get a start at these things.
  9. I don't drink. It's better to live this way, I think.
  10. Not all people out there are sensitive enough to feel what feel. Not everyone understand. We here understand you thoutgh. For us, you are doing the best you can.
  11. Well, the worst part about my life is that I don't seem to have any friends to rely on. And I can't seem to make any either, because people don't like depressed, not confident, awkward people.
  12. Life is never good for me. I can never seem to escape bullies (parents, siblings, other students, coworkers), I can never develop confidence and social skills, and I can never stop being lonely. Life doesn't seem worth it at this point, there is no reward at the end. Just endless suffering.
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