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  1. it looks like there medicines are making problems, and to recover from these medicines will take sometime, You have to visit doctor to replace medicines or he will reduce ... it looks medicine to me.
  2. I feel sad and bad ... to know this, but then you are same like me ... depressed, i also feel last 10 years are hell of depressing n resisting exactly as you said, but good I found this community ... where I learn that people like me exist in this world, sometimes I feel there pain is more then me and sometimes i feel they have not seen pain, but anyways if you can find some group in your area for depression then join that, otherwise my first lesson which i learned here in this forum ... learn to love yourself, start by that ... learn this thing ... how to love yourself, keep this lesson all time in your mind, secondly involve yourself in activities ... join some group ... or read books ... do exercise, just try to tell yourself that you have help yourself ... and more n more you involve in activities ... more you will learn n more you interact with people, So if you are taking medicines ... better you try by exercise n some activities hobbies ... its better then medicines. Try ... we all are trying ... you must also ... coming here in the forum is good step ... read others also .
  3. I have also depression and have feelings like you have, not exactly but sort of, but 1st lesson which I learned from here is = learn to love yourself, thats what I am trying nowadays ... its helping me alot, i feel that this stage comes in everyones life and some people get out of it by help of God or some help, and some keep thinking for the solution but solution is in front of you, just involve yourself in more n more activities ... make yourself busy, exercise & something which keeps your mind busy ... this will help you alot ... big time, you will learn things and also you will interact with people, so two lessons for you ... learn to love yourself ... and secondly make some hobbies activities ... to get busy, by that you will meet people and also you will learn things, if you have some group then join that group ... you have to be busy n love yourself.
  4. Its not something extra ordinary ... many people have these kind of feelings, but you have to overcome it considering you age that maybe in future it will hurt you, try to see if you have eating disorder and try to exercise ... get involve in activities where you interact with many people and then you will have plenty to learn, best lesson I learned here in this forum is = learn to love yourself. so thats the best thing and you must learn it all the time, more n more you involve in activities ... you see more people and then you learn many things ... life n how people behave.
  5. Once I was in similar situation too, Just wait sometime and good days will come ... I know its difficult to wait when your expenses are still there but it happens with everyone, Then next opportunity will be better one coz you have experience now which is big thing, just learn to love yourself ... thats the main thing ... learn to love yourself and wait for the right opportunity, keep trying ... apply alot ... do many activities ... keep yourself busy ... soon you will forget this time after you find good job.
  6. I wish everyone help eachother like this I wish everyone love eachother like this This forum helped me is great
  7. Oli92 ... what time you ate last time, food n nutrition is necessary for sound mind, check if you have something good in freezor
  8. OMG ... i thought only depression, and yes i have eating disorder too, its like i miss breakfast from last many many years, then I eat once at 5 or 6 pm ... i think its related to my depression looks like thats the reason for my depression but it started like I have habbit to sleep late and then wakeup late ... means i reach office late ... means i run for office while dont think for breakfast.
  9. Sincere

    What's Worse?

    I have never met any therapist and maybe never will, coz i live in different part of world, I wonder what they do ... or whats there job ... how they help people, they prescribe medicines or just listen & advise ... and what is council thing ... then psychologist dont know whats the difference in these three
  10. hmmm I can tell you according to my experience, I think you have to stay with her for while in same flat ... see if you can adjust with her, Just tell her that you dislike these things and please dont do these ... its very fare & honest, Then lateron If you cant then try living separate alone which will be good ... or try other roommate, experiment is good thing ... about confidence and new faces at university ... try something you love ... like listening music, walk, cooking , or start gym, some activity, it will help you ... which you may think useless right now but it will help ... gym n then cooking healthy nutrition + music headphones is the way. And right now you can face this challenge of low confidence ... time is right to face this challenge ... this time of your life will set your life or upset your life for the rest of the life ... so start activities and face the challenge, lateron this thing will hurt you more and haunt you that why you didnt overcome it. So start loving yourself from nowon ... thats the lesson i am giving everyone ... learn to love yourself.
  11. Yes I agree ... we all are sick and we need medicine ... right now
  12. Hi ... its nice you came here and shared your thoughts, Dont worry ... I feel like somehow related to you. Anyhow it seems that your solution is full time job ... so concentrate to get full time job, dont hurt yourself with negative thoughts which I always do all the time but now I learned from this forum that I have to love myself, so just try this first lesson ... you have to learn this ... you have to learn to love yourself, while you are just part time ... try to read n go out ... walk ... involve yourself in activities, its just small period of your life where you are upset ... just dump old memories and move forward, although its difficult but start with todays first lesson to learn to love yourself. i hope you understand what I said coz my english and my wording is not so good
  13. I also feel same and then I fantasies about hurting them ... because those who made my life miserable are living happy life, its like they used me and became successful but I am left behind, Its very difficult to rise again after constant setbacks ... constant failures. this forum helped me alot ... from last one or two days ... and I start feeling that lots of people in same situation as I am, anyways i hope and wish everything become beautiful for everyone.
  14. I just found that chat tab now ... but it said that I need 20 posts
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