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    Social Delusion (so-shal de-lu'zhun) n. 1. An illogical and disordered state of mind shared by a majority of the human race, which consists of the inherent, probably genetically determined, illogical belief that they have already communicated with each other, before any actual communication has taken place.
    There for meaningless, and concidered delussional ramblings
    Neurotypical syndrome is a neurobiological disorder characterized by preoccupation with social concerns, delusions of superiority, and obsession with conformity. Tragically, as many as 9625 out of every 10,000 individuals may be neurotypical. DSM V

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  1. I just started double my meds today, 2 hours ago.. From 25mg for 2 weeks. to 50mg for 1 week, then 100mg. I am biting my nails, hoping that anxiety won't be too bad. Doc cut the 3 month build up course down to 3 weeks !! I have no words to describe how I feel
  2. Raining, and I am not sure I rolled my window up ??
  3. Well you have a pattern there, be great if you could learn what triggers it and stop it before it gets going. Have you kept a journal of when it happens, what's happening, is it different each time, any simalarities etc..etc.. Like Hoiliday's, Seasons, B-day's/ cirtain dates, stress, even memories, or medical causes are very common. just a thought, give you somewhere to start and something to do.. Think,Think,Think.
  4. go to work for the government, you get bonus for hating what you do and sucking at it. I'm sorry.. Couldn;t resist. You can do anything you want, if you apply yourself.
  5. Travel back in time, to when I was happy
  6. Went to the Dr. today, good news and bad news..ummm Bad first : I am really a MESS Good news : They hooked me up with a psychiatrist consult with my GP for my meds, gave me a counselor to talk to, gave me BIG discount on all my meds, and ...Drum roll.... it's all $20 a visit. !! AWESOME DAY, even though I feel like crap .
  7. Yes I know Heaven and Hell are real No, I am not afraid of dying. I am almost 50, I am the only survivor of my whole family. I have been around allot of death for a very early age, even cared for Hospice patients. Watched many of them go. Both my Brother and Father were on life support and went brain dead, and I signed the termination papers. And there nobody to bury me when I am gone. I am seriously thinking of a DNR tattoo on my chest, I have faced death twice in my life, with electrocution with 25,000 volts at 7 years old. And another I wont get into. There is nothing this worlds has to offer I want, it's all fake, phony, plastic, and a lie. People's apathy, selfishness, and stupidity disgust me now.. So with finger raised high, I would say good bye, and good riddance. I am off to see the Truth, I don't lust for lies. And here's a truth for you: The statistics are quite impressive, 100%. 1 to 1, everyone dies. NOBODY GETS OUT ALIVE !!
  8. Hoarding but not too bad now and Other.. Learning new things, and inventing I am learning science and chemistry, so I save things I think I can used to make, or use. It got way out of hand years back, but I can throw some things away now. And can focus on other things too now.
  9. Hi @Alienated2, nice to meet you. That's a good suggestion, but I don't think it would work for me sadly. My hubby and CO although have the same characteristics, are completely different looking. They both have black hair. But my hubby has short hair, blue eyes and hates tattoos. Whereas my CO has long black hair, the most beautiful brown eyes I've ever seen and loads of tattoos. But you suggestion could work for others. Well I admit it takes imagination, and the light switch would help. Have him learn to impersonate the guy.. I have lived in isolation for 8 years, impersonations are a hobby of mine since I was a kid. So I do dozens of voices, can have whole conversations in multiple people.. Most are cartoon characters though, and I can say anything, and usually do too !!! Messing with people's heads is a blast :-), and sadly.. My hair is short and gray , and only have lots of scars :-(
  10. Well being single guy that's 50 over the years there have been several actresses I had the hots for.. Just a thought, and someone might have mentioned this. Try roll playing with you hubby, see who he would want to be with, and you tell him yours.. Have fun, and you both walk away with smiles nobody else understands.. Kind of get it out of your system, just a thought.
  11. Drained even though I didn't do anything this is so unlike me. I am losing myself again, I used to be curious. But now don't seem to care what's out there, I think it's Dec. being here, I know what's coming... Incredible saddness and lonliness :-(
  12. That there are so many lonely people in a over populated world.
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