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  1. Feeling somewhat hated. So not well at all. Confused and alone.
  2. Empty inside. I don't feel much of anything.
  3. I have realized over the past few years that I do enjoy making other people happy, even if that means overloooking my needs or feelings in life. At first, it made me feel like a better person to want to better others, but now it is just so taxing and I don't even know what makes me really happy anymore. I feel as if the whole gaming ordeal is just a way to pass the time until the next day. I am able to live the life of someone or something else for those few hours a night virutally, and forget about my problems, only to have them come right back the next day. I have had many people ask me what makes me happy, or what do I want to do in life, and I just don't know anymore. @Unsure119 I can relate to this a lot the feelings of what makes me truly happy. I myself don't know no more. I do however help others a lot and make there days. In a way it helps me but not all the time. Might take me more time to find my happiness or joy of life.
  4. Going get ready to watch 3 movies I have not seen. Movie day!
  5. I have to agree with Laury took the words right out of my mouth. There someone out there for you if not her and if she moved on. You never really forget your first love. And always in some way feel that special feeling with them. (my opinion) But there someone else out there for you. Who knows when you'll meet them. Maybe they'll find you. Stay strong my friend.
  6. If she seems interesting in you then I say go for it. Rejection can suck I know but there always someone out there for us if it dose not work out. Hope it goes well for you.
  7. Well I would feel sad if you'd vanished. -- Alright though a tad bit lonely and sorta lost.
  8. Sleep and wanting to talk to a friend on here.
  9. When people you think will be there and be real with you end up being a whole different person and leave.
  10. On here posting some after my little break I had from the computer. Planing on what to do today. Wanting more sleep. :/
  11. If I'm liked on here or anywhere. Then there is a point I don't get with myself. Why I fight hard for others at times but not myself...
  12. Proud I spend time with my older sister today and we laughed like we used to when we were younger. I really missed that..
  13. I sorta thought something was not right with me around the age of 12 to 13. When I entered 8th grade I been noticing something off with me and becoming more sad or anxious. I would get into fights with my mom a lot till one day I snapped and said something is really wrong with me. I was on my knees in the kitchen and begging her to help me or take me to the doctor. Then went and found out I had depression. When the took tests and stuff from me of coarse. I could of had problems before when I was little but not very sure. I just no it started when I entered 8th grade.
  14. I like a lot of things and try new kinds of music too. I'm into Dubstep, Classical, Pop, Rock, Alternative, Jpop, and Jrock, Maybe more I just don't know.
  15. Sorry for what your going through. Some parts I can relate too. For me personally finding someone who's respectful, honest, open and are hard to find. Those kinds what people need to look for. There still a lot of others out there who are like that many women too. Now a days its hard to find the right person. Sometimes we shouldn't go looking for love it finds us. Maybe focus a bit on yourself first then look. Loving yourself I heard is good first before any time of relationship. Makes you confident. But I know how it is to want that feeling or to feel someone love you. I long for that too when the time is right. Or at least I know it is. Also it takes two people to make a relationship not just one provider. My views on it. Sorry if none of this help but I hope you feel better soon and find what your looking for. Take care.
  16. Sometimes music has helped me when I need comfort or to feel good and motivated. But a lot of music makes me think of the past so I never really listen all too much.
  17. Shayne, Hate to see you leave even not knowing you long you seemed very up beat and positive. And you were nice to speak to as well. I liked you were nice and upbeat. We really need more people like you in world and on here too. I'm glad your at a place in your life that your happy about. Thats wonderful and I hope that continues. Please take care now. Really over all no matter what YOU have to do whats right for you and what you think in your heart. So if that's leaving here then so be it.
  18. Thank you all for the lovely advice or thoughts on stuff I could do. Well funny thing happen last night. I got a letter from the mail from the place where I applied . I got in!!! I have to do another step for something but mostly I'm in for sure. I was so happy I screamed my head off. FINALLY the wait is over and I know something. So probably soon I'll be not on here much since I be out and about again. Wish me luck. I hope I can meet some people too.
  19. Cloudy with some light wind. Not really cold or hot.
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