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  1. Defeated. This was the place where I had met the woman that would eventually become my wife, but that ended last year.
  2. "Am I going to lose another gram of weight" *checks weight* yep..
  3. I think Michael Bay relies waaaaay too much on explosions and visual effects. That said, I saw Transformers: The Last Knight. The movie itself takes on myths and then combines them with the story..which made NO sense to me, though I did like a certain something appearing in the movie. But yeah, lots of explosions, death death death, and Optimus Prime pretty much being the "Goku" of this movie series in that, he only shows up after everyone has either been killed or got their ***** kicked. Which is contrast to the cartoon series, where he's always there.
  4. I lie to myself everyday when I tell myself things will change. When I know they wont. And I lie to myself when I tell myself I want to stick with this. When I know I don't. And it's just getting worse and worse, and talking solves nothing. Nothing.. I am slowly on my way out of this and I almost don't care how it happens.
  5. They actually didn't want to hire him. It's a run-around that jobs, especially in america, are well known for. Worst ones(which I've experienced) is actually getting hired and not being paid for 4 weeks. That isn't the usual "week and a whole" thing either. They did him a favor not hiring him. He probably would have been in a bad working environment anyway.
  6. Well, by not denying it, yes I am a burden..
  7. I am no longer going to keep lying to myself that I'm all ok with this. My help is not wanted, my advice is not heeded, and I'm being prevented to talk to certain people.. I am not going to sit well with watching things just "crumble" when I know I can change that. Consider this my last post on DF.
  8. I'm going to say, nobody here asked for their problems. You can't just.. get rid of it right then and there because someone wants you to. If only it were that simple..think we would have all done that already.
  9. Uncertain future, with no positive thoughts about it.
  10. Indeed I am aware of the comments towards women, and consider myself a bit of a "friendly feminist"(if that makes sense), I have been down that road myself and know what it can do to a man. Yeah guys, it's not the way. Pull yourselves out.
  11. I will respectfully caution you on your way of thinking: Now I am waving a white flag here and not "attacking" you. Just that if you want to get anywhere with women, don't over extend your opinion of your self worth. Basically it sounds like in being with you, the relationship would be about you. It can't work that way.
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