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  1. I feel overwhelmed, I'm emotionally tired , the loss of my boyfriend and loss of a long time friend on the same day, hours apart, has broken my heart. Their memories bring joy and sorrow .
  2. Hello nightjar, it was a big misunderstanding, I'm not really sure what I did wrong . As of right now I'm able to stay. I'm trying to not do anything that will upset her. Thank you for asking.
  3. Hello , just wanted to say thank you for sharing with us what you been through , I can relate to some things , sorry you went through so much alone , depression is very real and can't be ignored or shoved under the carpet , that's what my parents and others would do also . You are not alone , I too have scars , I use to be a cutter when I was young , and tried to end my life a few times . I'm glad you are here with us still . Glad you decided to post this introduction.
  4. Just moved in , may need to move out . Ain't that just wonderful.
  5. I am trying to figure out what's so wrong with me. I mean I know I am messed up. But even other friends irl are jacked up and they seem happier than me , and they are pretty shady people . What am I doing wrong. To bad life doesn't have a manual or a book for dummies . Like me.
  6. Hi sober . Congratulations on staying sober . I understand that it's scary . It's scary going into this territory that you have wanted for so long and now it's here. You deserve a "wonderful life " a good life. And yes others have always pointed fingers and tried to cover up the stuff they did . They always will . Being a scapegoat was my roll in my family. Stay sober . Sober. Whatever the future has ahead for you may be scary. That's just life you will be ok. I wish you happiness and peace. (And sobriety )
  7. Hey there sober. I'm sorry you grew up in a crazy household , and they never realized just how nuts they were. That totally describes my family . I was always the crazy or nutty one . I hope you hang in there . And stay sober and strong. You are an inspiration. I'm sorry for all the crap you have gone through .
  8. Spicy v8 juice . Trying to stay away from the liquor.
  9. I am just so tired. And fed up with my family. The mind games they play . And how they try to blame things on me . I grew up always thinking I was wrong. And I was to blame. That mindset needs to change . Nothing chanegs , if nothing changes.
  10. I guess I am an orphan , both my parents are gone . Both died from having pancreatic and colon cancer . I can't help being afraid .
  11. sad to say , an alcoholic beverage .
  12. I'm feeling sad . I thought I had a friend but it's turned out to be a ruse ( on their part ) But I'm ok . Life goes on.
  13. I gave up smoking . But alcohol is so hard for me to quit. I feel like such a failure. I try to hide it from my family but they know. And have distance themselves from me. I'm not gonna give up though. I'll stop drinking one day.
  14. I'm feeling ok right now . I was feeling a bit lost earlier . If that makes any sense . .
  15. Had a crazy dream . Woke up crying. In my dream I told the police to point their guns at me , l wanted them to fire . I was wanting to die. I'm trying to shake it off . Little things I see and hear keep bringing up that dream and how it felt . What a way to start a day.
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