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  1. I feel overwhelmed, I'm emotionally tired , the loss of my boyfriend and loss of a long time friend on the same day, hours apart, has broken my heart. Their memories bring joy and sorrow .
  2. Hello nightjar, it was a big misunderstanding, I'm not really sure what I did wrong . As of right now I'm able to stay. I'm trying to not do anything that will upset her. Thank you for asking.
  3. Hello , just wanted to say thank you for sharing with us what you been through , I can relate to some things , sorry you went through so much alone , depression is very real and can't be ignored or shoved under the carpet , that's what my parents and others would do also . You are not alone , I too have scars , I use to be a cutter when I was young , and tried to end my life a few times . I'm glad you are here with us still . Glad you decided to post this introduction.
  4. Glad to see your back, you were missed 🤗

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    2. goincrazy


      Wonderful ,Scotland! I'm glad you are traveling and going places still.  I have always  admired that you are able to go places and do things , be around people , I'm still a bit quiet around new people I meet . I'm barely starting to leave the house since covid arrived , my boyfriend passed away unexpectedly , not from covid. So I'm having to start a new life,  everything has changed,  talk about being in shock . and living with a few people , so many changes. 

    3. hocico


      Yes it was a wild and wonderful place 🙂, aw I will admit that sometimes I find it hard to do that and have to push myself, well sometimes its best to listen more than talk with new people so being quiet is good. Oh gosh 😞 that must have been an awfully big shock, I am so sorry my friend 🤗  

      I'm sorry it took me a while to reply, my mind has been distracted lately as my relationship status has been proving a bit complicated.

      Hope your okay 🤗

    4. goincrazy


      Hello Hocico, relationships can be complicated at times , I hope things go smoothly soon .  Cudos to you for doing all that you go do , even when you need a push , I have come to the point where I just don't physically or mentally have the strength , or will power any more . I have this weird feeling inside as if nothing is going to get better , I used to have a "vision" of some sort something to work for or try to achieve,  not anymore , I feel I'm in my sister's way living here with her , I share a room with her bunny rabbit:) I have to put a gate around my airmattress or he'll put a hole into it . I feel I lived a long life already , time to go "home"   

      Peace to you Hocico  I hope you have a good day.  

  5. Just moved in , may need to move out . Ain't that just wonderful.
  6. I am trying to figure out what's so wrong with me. I mean I know I am messed up. But even other friends irl are jacked up and they seem happier than me , and they are pretty shady people . What am I doing wrong. To bad life doesn't have a manual or a book for dummies . Like me.
  7. Hi sober . Congratulations on staying sober . I understand that it's scary . It's scary going into this territory that you have wanted for so long and now it's here. You deserve a "wonderful life " a good life. And yes others have always pointed fingers and tried to cover up the stuff they did . They always will . Being a scapegoat was my roll in my family. Stay sober . Sober. Whatever the future has ahead for you may be scary. That's just life you will be ok. I wish you happiness and peace. (And sobriety )
  8. Hey there sober. I'm sorry you grew up in a crazy household , and they never realized just how nuts they were. That totally describes my family . I was always the crazy or nutty one . I hope you hang in there . And stay sober and strong. You are an inspiration. I'm sorry for all the crap you have gone through .
  9. Spicy v8 juice . Trying to stay away from the liquor.
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