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  1. even now, i like wearing covid n95 masks because it helps me hide my anxiety.
  2. i had this happen to me when i went off my antidepressants. my anxiety went way up and i could not hide it. i noticed that in stores security would follow me thinking i was shoplifting. i had friends ask me if i was okay because i looked extremely upset. i ended up starting a new antidepressant zoloft and it finally went away after a couple of months. hang in there
  3. in my city there is a meeting every week for an hour called lawyers concerned for lawyers where members talk about issues with depression, anxiety, alcohol, drugs, gambling and the issues of dealing with stress while practicing law. most state bar associations have similar anonymous groups and phone services. sometimes it helps to talk to other lawyers going through similar problems. they can offer strategies to deal with these issues. i have made good friends through these programs who have helped. i no longer practice law, but the lawyer meeting and aa meetings along with antidepressant medication and therapy have helped me a lot.
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