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  1. On top of that I'm hating my life. I should be in college partying making new friends and enjoying life yet I'm stuck in a board and lodge with nothing to do all day and I'm getting more and more depressed
  2. Antipsychotics have me 100lbs overweight. I'm really depressed about it. Even getting suicidal thoughts. Just need ppl to make me feel better
  3. So in the corner of my eye there is a purple dot/floater/sparkle and below it there is turquoise one. They change colors often going from blue/pink to light green/orange. Are these things indicators for my sexuality? Bc every time I focus on the purple one I react and do things (mainly in body language and voice tone) that indicates that I'm sexually attracted to boys but when I focus on the green/orange I repell guys and I don't even remember what I say but they seem weirded out and the most important part is that ON THE BAD GIRLS CLUB SOME LESBIAN GIRL WAS LIKE "yeah that girls deff lesbian she deff she's two blue balls"...... *** DPEA THAT MEAAAANNN????????????
  4. Thanks everyone I guess what I'm trying to say is why would anyone want me here? I don't feel like I'm a good part of anyone's day no ones excited to see me. I don't even understand the point of life I guess it's just simply to live but I don't see a point in living if I'm gonna be living a life that I don't want to live... I want friends more than anything. I want ppl to remind me that I'm important and give me attention. I don't like the idea of a therapist bc it's a person being paid to care. It feels fake.
  5. Guess no one cares. Shoulda already known. Everyone's too busy worried about themselves and their own agendas. Life isn't for people like me..
  6. Convince me otherwise. Gimme a good reason why I should stay. Loved ones? Never had any real friends. Family only cares about money. I live life on a loop doing the same thing everyday. I'm broke af in debt actually. I'm fat. I hate life and I wanna go to a place where all I feel is happiness and joy for forever and NEVER relive this experience
  7. I'm really sorry and I hope things get better. Try seeing a psychiatrist, get you some good medication, and a therapist! Take care. Much love
  8. I'll be your friend. And don't worry have a little hope and you'll find friends! Much love (hugs)
  9. I'm really sorry that this is happening to you. No one deserves it. Been through it myself. Please find a psychiatrist and a therapist. There is therapy that can help you become more mindful and experience things in a way that feels more genuine and real. Above all try to stay positive. Much love.
  10. I would look up the symptoms of bipolar AND see a psychiatrist. Feel better buddy. Much love
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