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    I'm interested in biology, microbiology, biomedical engineering, medicine, fantasy, sci-fi, music (singing and piano), photography, writing, and superheroes/comics/animated series. :)

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  1. It helps a lot, to the point if I don't exercise at least 30 minutes 3-4 times a week (cardio), I get really tired. I usually have to stop sitting and at least walk around though, in excess of the 30 minutes. Because otherwise I feel drained.
  2. You're not losing your mind, I get the same thing. It is anxiety, and there are lots of methods to stop it from taking control. Breathing exercises, thinking exercises, yoga, and even medicine or therapy. If you would like any techniques I have listed, let me know! :)
  3. Do you exercise while on your medicine? And have you had your blood work checked for things like hormones, vitamins, and thyroid? Exercising I find helps me feel less zombie like on the medicine. But I also had an adverse reaction to many medicines because I had an underlying hormonal disorder causing many of my symptoms. Once that was treated I started to feel better.
  4. Feeling dizzy and out of it can happen from stress and anxiety, yes. You should see an ENT if you can, who can rule out any ear problems (which are unlikely, but possible). I have the problem where if I'm stressed I get migraines with weakness or vertigo and it's not nice, but it's not dangerous. Most balance issues in young people <30 years old are completely benign causes. Since you have had a brain MRI and CT scan, I'd say that your symptoms are 99.99% benign. :)
  5. You don't have to do the errands yet, but eating or drinking is very important! If you do anything, get something to eat and drink and just slowly work on it. It will make you feel a little less "bleh". I'm here for you if you need an ear. :)
  6. It might, but I think it's worth giving it some time to see if it improves it first :)
  7. Sorry the flu is hitting you so hard, funkytown, hope you feel better soon..Thank you :)
  8. Oh no, it was much longer than 2 weeks. About 6 months of severe illness and 2 weeks of very severe illness caused by hormones and wrong medicine. He was very caring and compassionate for much of it. I had dysphoric mania and dissociative amnesia it was so bad. I hope he realizes I was still trying to get better - but I have laid all my cards out, I have gotten better by myself, and only time will tell. Sick could mean both mentally ill or physically ill. :) 20Years, I know it feels like your fault but it wasn't. You sound like you gave your all. Please try not to blame yourself. It's okay to grieve over the past, but you aren't the one to blame for his passing.
  9. It can help, definitely. My mum has anxiety and took it for a restless leg and pain, but it helped her sleep and calm her down before bed. :) It's off-label for anxiety and bipolar, meaning the doctors often use it for those conditions but the FDA hasn't approved it for those conditions. It doesn't mean it's not safe or doesn't work though :)
  10. How long have you been on Lexapro? It might take a little while for all those things to stabilize, especially if your mood hasn't quite regulated yet. I would definitely ask your doctor about it though, he might tell you to stick it out until the medicine has a chance to work, or he might switch you to another medication. Best wishes :)
  11. I can't take Nyquil with my other medicine, otherwise I would! Thank you though I think nervous is a good way to describe that feeling. I get like that too. Hesitant, almost. I want to build myself up before I jump in. :)
  12. I have the most terrible flu. I have barely enough energy to post here. I'd rather be sleeping but I ache, can't get comfortable, and even my nose hurts! I have deadlines but those aren't happening, which makes me just that little bit more stressed!
  13. Thank you all for replying. I was curious to hear what people thought about this situation, because I know it can be something stressful in any relationship! Yes, this is where I think I am. Unfortunately I have clinical amnesia from medication interactions which makes it impossible for me to actually remember what the "behaviour" was, other than it was severe anxiety...and even then it was short lived, maybe about 2 weeks total (but I don't remember, the last 4-5 months are pretty blurred up). It's a very tough and emotional situation for me. I want to emphasize that any illness isn't our fault, as you said. But that being said, people can take even the smallest of steps to get better or at least try to get better, regardless of if the illness is physical or psychological. :)
  14. Can you attend therapy together? Maybe biweekly even? It might be he needs sustainable ways to support you through this or just doesn't understand how.
  15. I haven't done light therapy, but I have friends who have used the UV lamps, and personally I've gotten some good results from moving my desk in front of a window to get the sun on me at least a little! (My windows aren't UV proof though). Do you have a link to the light therapy you wanted to try?
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