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  1. I'm sure my problems aren't nearly at the magnitude that others are at but help would be greatly appreciated. Recently I've had a little issue with a friend of mine, one that I've known for nearly ten years. He's become unresponsive. Don't get me wrong cause I don't live off of the attention of others but it's been getting worse over the years that I've known him. He knows that I've helped him out and done everything a good friend would but there's an innate social hierarchy between people and truth be told I've always been pretty low. I keep thinking of ways on how I've steered him in a good direction, setting up his social life from behind the scenes in a rather direct way through introductions and letting him roll when he's on one. Though now that he's where he is at, he doesn't need me anymore and I see it in his unwillingness to respond to my messages. Should I still keep him around? He's moderately decent when I'm physically there but it's not difficult to tell that he feels he's outgrown me. I have few friends as is and making new ones that I would come to know in reality is definitely not my strong suit. I'm conflicted cause part of me wants to just hold onto him loosely, then work hard at my craft so when I'm out there and known he can come crawling back before I cut him off. While the other part just wants keep giving him chances or possibly just not care and become apathetic to it all, slowly remove him from my life as I try to make friends elsewhere.
  2. Caffeine often has a negative effect on ones mood, particularly when the inevitable and substantial dip in energy comes along. While we're on the topic, alcohol is in fact a depressant. Though it might "numb" the pain, it will leave you feeling worse than before. More often than not in the forms of hangovers.
  3. I don't think I could ever bring myself to hunt anything, most I'd be shooting at are inanimate objects or targets. I've seen a lot of controversy in regards to this and I know how pointless words are in an argument about it. I'll definitely have to look into it then. But you certainly make $2450 seem like a small number..
  4. The purpose I want is something that's not humanly achievable. It's so deeply rooted in fantasy that it's an impossibility. Parkour and archery, both of which my family disagrees with me doing and I'm financially dependant so I have no way to make it work.
  5. Game playing and design, drawing, singing, maybe a little bit of dancing, acting, roleplaying. I'm also looking into both parkour and archery.
  6. Can't say that interests me much, but perhaps I could give it a try. I might learn a few things while I'm down there.
  7. Unfortunately the only kind of relationships I've ever been in are all long distance ones. Though I really don't know how hugs and cuddles can help with my situation.
  8. Good thing I have my drivers license then. Also, it seems like if I want to travel, I don't have much of a choice in the matter. I'll have to take a look. There have been times where I've looked into several groups, but I don't think I would be a good match for most of them. If I had $80 to spare on a whim.. Guilty as charged, but yet I don't know what I should do.
  9. Yet there are times where I feel powerless to do otherwise. If it was as easy as a choice I would have made it immediately. But the truth is society binds us all through the use of economy and finances. As much as I would dream to be able to do something, should it not be realistic it will not come to be. For example, no matter how much I would like to travel the world, it cannot be done without money. Which is something people do the same thing over and over for majority of their lives to obtain to do little more than pay the bills. That's no way to live, at least it's not how I'd like to.
  10. To be quite honest, this "relatively short life" seems quite long to me. Despite my unathletic stature, I've contemplated upon being a police officer or joining the military cause it would be a quicker road to the ultimately inevitable end. Avoidance is something I've done my entire life. It's the main reason why I watch movies or play games and it was the reason for me to skip most of my classes in highschool and my early years in college. My pride would stop me at times, that maybe might be able to face the problems head on and come out on top, but who am I kidding? Society and the fact everyone lives in pursuit of numbers is set in stone. To wish to break free of it is to wish the complete destruction of life as we know it.
  11. Strangely enough, and it's very embarassing for to admit this. The movie was Disney's Robin Hood. This movie has always had a special place in my heart ever since I was a child and it's not a depressing movie. But I believe the depression comes from the unrealistic expectations it makes despite it being something in medieval England. Travelling has always been exciting for me, so maybe I'll find my way into the closest forest I can fit into. With luck I'll find something exciting. As a child, this would be something magical and something that can never logically happen. At this point however, something more than insects and the occasional bird would make me smile a little.
  12. That's great. My only problem with that is I live in a large stretch of suburbia and I'd have to walk at least thirty minutes in every direction to find anything other than houses. Stouffville, it's nothing but houses and farms.
  13. I got and am currently fighting off my most recent attack from depression.
  14. So I decided it would be a wonderful idea to stick my hand into this really pretty-looking fire and re watch a movie that has been the cause of my most recent attacks of depression. After some mild thinking, I've discovered that my own life lacks adventure, a higher purpose, and romance. Any kind of help or words for a depressed person? I really need it..
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