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  1. myy brrofot live ewih us/ he3e has a his qoown pop-pp;aces
  2. I don't understand. I'm just a mong :taz:
  3. I think they've been doing it for so long that they actually enjoy it, sick mofo's. They won't do family therapy, they'll just laugh at me and say that i'm pathetic. Honestly I wish they would die. It's just never ending, I can't keep doing this much longer. I feel like a s***ty actor having to portray this false/pretend image everyday. Even right now my mom is moaning at my niece cause she don't go to sleep. My mom is just horrible.
  4. It honestly like people can smell it on you and then they just don't want to know. And then your just there thinking to yourself (sarcastically) "thanks everyone, thats exactly what I need" If this post don't make sense, err...yh
  5. Being here is just horrible, it's brought me to the tipping point of a total breakdown. I hate my mom, dad, brother, niece and nephew, there all making me so sad, broken and angry. It's just constant arguing, shouting and name calling over the most stupid of friggin things. I can't move out cause I don't have the money, so its literally I stay in this madness and get consumed by it (tbh I already have) or I friggin leave and live on the friggin street. I just want to leave, this place is no good, it needs burning down. Lived in this house since the end of 1999 and it's changed so such, just got so dark and horrible. They just don't stop, constantly having a go at each other and having a go at me when I haven't even been involved in the conversations/arguments. Past few nights i've just been quietly been crying myself to sleep. Wish they would end this torture.
  6. The news? lol (sorry had to) I don't get benzo's from my doctor......
  7. Here we go: So two days ago I was in my bedroom by myself (I know shocker right :verysad3: ) and I had the whole house to myself (mom and dad both work mornings). So obviously being on my own I got bored pretty quickly so I decided that I'd have a look and see what films I could watch (feelings have been really intense and even 'dark' lately) and for some unknown reason I decide that I want to watch a romance film (drama/romantic type). And there was this scene in the film and half way through it I just broke down into tears, I didn't feel any feeling or emotion seconds before crying I just straight up started to cry and I have no idea why and after I had finished crying my mind was just blank but I continued to watch the film but after about a further 15-20 minutes I decided to turn the film off because I had just lost interest. To be honest I don't even know why I'm writing this, it's just so friggin embarrassing, I just honestly believe I've truly lost the plot And to make things even worse I'm out of benzo's, so that's a real downer as well
  8. I just take some benzo's and pretend I'm a comedian lost in a forest somewhere in norway. man i'm firing on all 8 cylinders tonight lol.
  9. I wouldn't even call this a 'life' anymore.

  10. Good to hear If your job is making you feel like utter crap or worse then it's time to leave that B***h lol.
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