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  1. Hi Kicking The Fog, I've been on antidepressants for 8 years now. Starting on Lexapro to Paxil, to Celaxa Though over a 2 month try. Each of which lasted almost a month. I didn't like the side effects of either one. Next my mental health counselor put me on Bupropion. I've been on that since. Starting with 200 mgs to 400 mgs. Now I'm back to 300mgs of Bupropion SA (extended release). It's a fantastic depression medication. I lost most 40 lbs!!! My only real problem is having a dry mouth sometimes. I'll get a lifesaver or Tic Tac to help. It works. Now, I asked my mental health counselor about adding another antidepressant. That's because I had 3 surgeries on my left knee. So I went from a wheelchair to a walker. Now I use a cane. The biggest problem I have is not accepting my disability. The surgeries made it so I can get around. Taking opioid painkillers and Tylenol. I'm good for about 6 hours. To walk around. Going shopping, the bank or anything else. But that severely limits me from doing a lot of things. I was a very active person before but I turned 180 degrees. The shadow of not accepting my disabilities. Is always on the back of my mind. My counselor tried Effexor. My blood pressure went sky high. Then I tried Prozac. Within 4 days. I couldn't walk. Literally!!. I quit taking that 3 days ago. I've seen a lot of improvement. Maybe another 2 days I'll be back to normal. Anyways. I was thinking about what you taking. I have taken Trazadone for insomnia. But replaced it with Zolpidem. I never had any experience with Buspar. But the one thing I can help you. It normally takes 3 weeks for the medication to get fully in your system. Plus everyone acts differently on antidepressants. What's good for me. Might have a different side effect on you. Please look on the 2 following websites. They contain anything you ever wanted to know about any medication. The websites are webmd.com and drugs.com. They both tell you the description, dosages, side effects, drug interactions and a picture. They have a lot of information for anything. From a headache to a heart attack. Plus more. I hope this helps you. Welcome to the wonderful world of depression. The silent disease. And the one which stereotypes a person. Just like taking opioid painkillers. Your immediately branded as an addict!!. It's a shame the population makes fun of people that have a medical or mental problem. I'd be surprised to find out how many people deal with health or mental problems. I'd be willing to bet. 100%. There's no perfect person out there. It's just a childhood prank to make fun of people. It really hurts to be a significant outcast from society. I think the government needs to address this. Just like race, creed or color. Everyone is unique. Some have succeeded in better themselves. Others are caught in the position th a they need help. Just to have a life. Such is life. It's not wearing rose colored glasses!! Welcome to the real world!!!! Have a fantastic day. Always look to the next day. In the end everyone is the same!!
  2. Hi Jayded. My thanks go to you for using the VA!! I'm also utilizing the VA for both medical and mental health services. I've been on Bupropion for 8 years. I started out with 100mgs in the morning. Then 100 mgs at noon. Now I'm on 300mgs Extended Release. All antidepressants work differently on people. I never thought I would ever be depressed. But on one of my doctor visits. I told him I just didn't feel right. He referred me to mental health. My counselor talked with me. She pointed out certain things that were bothering me. That's when I started on Bupropion. She eventually retired. But my last appointment with her. I brought up PTSD. But I never followed it up. I talked with my present counselor 2 years ago. I brought in a lot of information on PTSD. I knew that I had it. She prescribed Zoloft. I took it with the Bupropion. It seemed to be working. But I really didn't like the side effects. Then I told her I wanted to stop taking it. My mood did improve. The things that I associated with it didn't bother me. I just accepted the fact. That I had PTSD. Tried to control it. Without Zoloft. Presently I haven't had a problem with it. You said th a you've only taken Bupropion for 2 weeks. It normally takes at least 3 weeks to get in your system. I never had a problem with focusing and concentrated. I believe that your problem with the jitters and feeling strange when standing. Are side effects. Feeling strange when getting up. Could be your blood pressure is temporarily low. I had the same problem a few times. But I haven't had a problem in a long time. I know your jitters are most likely another side effect. I have a dry mouth a lot of times. That's not the only side effect. But the worst one. Actually I don't know how I didn't get along not taking Bupropion. It's been an excellent antidepressant. Plus it has the least side effects of all of the others. It's not an SSRI. But it works differently. Check out webmd.com or drugs.com. They have everything you wanted to know about Bupropion. As well as any other medications. It go gives you information on what it's for,, side effects, other drug interactions, and suggested dosages. I hope this helps you. If you want to contact me again about your adventures on Bupropion. Feel free to write me. I wish you the best of luck!!!
  3. Hi cindycat, Wellbutrin (Bupropion) is a fantastic antidepressant. It's not an SSRI. I works differently than other ones. I've been on Bupropion for almost 8 years. I started taking 100mgs at breakfast and then at noon. I've been up to the highest at 400mgs. Now I'm taking 300 mgs extended release. Once a day. Addressing you question about weight. Yes it is a side effect of Bupropion. In my first year. I weighed when I started taking it. 210 lbs. Then I went down to 175 lbs. That's a total loss of 35 lbs!!!!! That was great. Since I had knee surgeries. It took a lot of pressure off my knee. Yes it's an appetite suppressant. I'd say everyone I talk to about Bupropion. Says the same thing. They lost weight. It normally takes about 3 weeks for it to get into your system. Give it time. If you feel that you might need a larger dosage. Talk to your doctor. Possibly he or she might increase your dosage. Judging on your past history. Don't be ashamed or worry about the past. That's old news!! Depression is a silent disease. Whenever you mention it. Your already been judged and stereotyped. People really don't know what you've been thru. It's none of their business. At least you've recognized that you have depression. Now your doctors are treating it. Antidepressant medications don't cure you. They only control it. I felt so much better after I was diagnosed with it. Now I feel I'm back in society. Not being isolated and alone. I really can't say enough about Bupropion. For me, it's the wonder drug!!! I hope this helps you. If you need more information about it. Go to drugs.com or webmd.com. Both of those websites have a lot of information. Not only on Bupropion. But any medication. It talks about dosage, side effects, other drug interactions. Thanks for letting my situation explain and treat depression. If you feel the need. Contact me. I'm usually on this website a few times a week!!!
  4. Hi DeDe5, It takes at least 6 weeks to get it into your system. Then see what happens. If you are still having a problem. Go back to your doctor. I've been on Bupropion for 8 years. From 200 up to 400mgs. Now I'm on 300mgs Extended Release. I'm very satisfied with Bupropion. My main side effects are dry mouth and weight loss. I carry a few Life Savers or Tic Tacs. I lost almost 40 lbs. Since Bupropion is an appetite suppressant. I feel Bupropion is the best antidepressant. Of all of them. It works differently. Since its not a SSRI. Have a fantastic day!!
  5. Hi metonme. I've been on Bupropion for 8 years. My starting dosage was 200mgs a day. One pill Am then the other at noon. Since then I've been up to 400mgs. Now I'm taking 300mgs extended release. A day. I never had a problem with urinary retention. Just dry mouth, weight loss and sexual problems. It has the least side effects for sexual activity. I must be in the small % of men that have a problem. Weight loss. I lost almost 40 lbs. Because Bupropion is an appetite suppressant. Which is fantastic. I have high blood pressure. So I had my dosage adjusted. Plus I feel so much better. Dry mouth. I just carry some Life Savers or Tic Tac's to help. I'm very satisfied with Bupropion for my chronic depression. I really don't know how I lived without it. First I didn't know I was depressed. Until I told my doctor. I didn't feel right. He sent me to mental health. Where I started on Paxil. I didn't like the side effects. That's when I went on Bupropion. Remember it takes at least 6 weeks to really start working. DON'T EVER STOP TAKING IT. THEN GO COLD TURKEY. YOU HAVE TO BE WEANED OFF OF IT. I know when I went to the hospital for knee surgery. Then physical therapy. They forgot to give me Bupropion. I really turned into a monster. Finally they seen that they overlooked it in my medication list. I started right back taking it. I went back to being normal. If you visit webmd.com or drugs.com. They offer everything you need to know about Bupropion. Or any other drugs. They're both quite helpful. I hope this helped you. If you want. Stay in contact. With me to see how you're doing. Have a fantastic day!!
  6. Hi JohnMG, It's funny that you were taking Effexor. My mental health doctor started me on it 3 weeks ago. I started out with 37.5mgs. Then went to 75mgs. Over this past weekend my blood pressure went sky high!! I I thought my head was going to explode. So I completely stopped taking it. I informed my doctor. She agreed to stop taking it. My blood pressure is back to normal. I've been taking Bupropion (Wellbutrin) for the last 8 years. My dosage was all over. From 200 to 400mgs. I'm back on 300 mgs. Extended Release. All antidepressants work differently on people. My side effects were dry mouth, no appetite, erectile dysfunction. Then some agitation. Maybe once in a month if that. Most all antidepressants have sexual problems. But Bupropion has the least. But like me. I fall into that 10% that does. I tried Viagra. It helped. But not fully. So I just live with it. Since you've been on antidepressants for a few years. Have you ever gone on webmd.com or drugs.com? They both have loads of information on anything medical or mental health. I highly recommend these. I hope this post have helped you. Your not alone. There's a lot of people in the same position as you. Along with numerous helpful resources. Depression is a silent disease. When people hear that your being treated. They immediately stereotype and judge you. But who are they to judge. There's only one person that can do that. If I'm in that position. I tell it like it is. That's like the current problem with Opioids. I have to take them for chronic pain. I've had 3 knee surgeries. In order to be halfway normal. I take them as necessary. My Primary Care Doctor knows where I stand on that issue. The media always reports the negative point of view. Never about the people that have to take them. I'm not on the street corner trying to buy illegal drug. Maybe that the real problem. illegal drug been around for years. But now the government opened their eyes. Now recognizing its a problem. Give me a break!!! Well enough of all of that. If you want. Keep me posted on your progress. I hope this post helps you. Have a great day!!!
  7. Hi sjoepsel, Everything I've read states it's ok to miss a day once in awhile. But not taking it for around 4-5 days. That's like stopping cold turkey. Which is not good!! You have to be weaned off of it over 2-3 weeks. That's probably the worst thing anyone could do. I went to physical therapy after a knee surgery. They forgot to include my daily dose of Bupropion. After 2 days. I turned into the most nasty person you could be. I didn't have any control over it. It was the lack of Bupropion. Finally they figured out their big mistake. Once I started back taking Bupropion. I was back to normal. I hope this was informative to you.
  8. Hi BrotherZoot, Regarding your sexual dysfunction and Bupropion (Wellbutrin). I've been on Bupropion for 7 years. From my initial dosage of 100mgs; AM and PM. All the way up to 400 mgs. Again AM and PM. I'm back to 300mgs extended release. My first mental health nurse practitioner told me what side effects I might have. Any antidepressant medications work differently on everyone. In my case dry mouth, excessive sweating and losing 35 Lbs. She also said that Bupropion has the l sexual side effects. So after taking it for 7 years. I've been always having with erectile dysfunction. My manhood got semi erect. Never enough to have sex. She recommended that my primary doctor prescribe Viagra. Starting at 25 to 50 finely to 100 mgs. Well that never worked either. So that just added another chapter of chronic depression. After taking it and not working. I finally made my life giving decision. That I have to accept not getting hard. It was tough. But I finally accepted my problem. About 10% of men have this problem. I could ejaculate. But it took forever. Massaging myself. I never had a problem with premature ejaculation. My orgasms were normal. But I think it deals with getting old. I'm 64. When I was a teenager. It was totally different. Hard as a rock and a powerful orgasm. But antidepressants do affect your sexual pleasure!!
  9. Hi Felice, As I wrote before. I've been on Bupropion for almost 7 years now. Yes constipation is a side effect. I suffer that when I take my opioid pain medication. I spoke to my doctor. She said eat prunes or drink prune juice. It REALLY does work. If you go to webmd.com or drugs.com. Both of them have excellent information on any medications. Side effects, dosage, what it does. They also have a drug interaction chart. Which is very good. All antidepressants work differently on each person. So any side effects might not happen happen to you. I hope this was informative. Check those websites!!!! I hope everything goes well with you. Keep me informed if you want. I'd like to follow you. And your dealing with depression. Have a great day!!!!!
  10. Hi Felice. Welcome to the forum that deals with the hidden disease. Where you find out that you are not alone. There is help. You found one of the many places that can offer it. Not only online but the public awareness suddenly seems to getting more interest about mental health.10 years ago I never thought I'd be writing this. But, it helps me. Along with the mental health services that the VA offers. I always thought that you go to the doctor. He or she checks you out. Initially the nurse takes your blood pressure, temperature and pulse. Then they ask you on a scale of 1 thru 10. Are you having any pain. Then you see the doctor where they ask if you have any other problems. That was the usual 20 minute checkup. But nothing was asked about how you feel mentally. That opens up a myriad of problems. Most people will say their fine. But the other 50% won't volunteer to say that they might have a mental problem. They're ashamed, scared. Refuse to say something. I'm a retired disabled veteran. I retired after 20 years in the Army. When I got out. I knew nothing of the VA Healthcare. One day I called the VA and asked them what they can do for me. I have a 20% disability now. I'm awaiting the results for my mental health claim. At first I was assigned a doctor. I gave him all of my health issues. With the 20% disability. Anything that happened when I was on active duty. I can get free medications. If not a small copay is paid by me. After 2 years. I told him I don't feel right. He asked about it. After telling him how I felt. He immediately got an appointment with mental health. 1 week later. I was telling my life story with all of my concerns. She was a Nurse Practitioner. Her specialty was Psychology. After a long first session with her. She put me on Paxil. The minimum dosage. I tried that for 3 weeks. To let it get into my system. I went back and told her. I didn't like the side effects. Now she tried me on Celexa. Another 3 weeks. The same problem. The side effects. Then the magical Bupropion was tried. 200mgs. 1 in the morning then 1 at lunch. When I went back to see her. I told her I felt like a different man. I went to group therapy. I was on that for 2 years. Then somehow I developed Septic Arthritis. Over the course of 2 years. I had 3 surgeries plus physical therapy. I went from a wheelchair to finally a cane. Know to get around. I have to take pain medication. Including the EVIL Oxycodone. An opiate. Plus Tramadol and Acetaminophen. That lets me walk around for about 7 hours. I went from 200 to 400mgs of Bupropion. Plus I couldn't watch any TV program that had anything to do with doctors or surgery. I had PTSD from all of the time in surgery. My new mental health doctor gave me Zoloft. It worked finally. Now he reduced the Bupropion to 200mg plus taking the 50mgs of Zoloft. I finally felt good again. The problem with Zoloft is it wrecks your sex life. As do the other Seritonins. After 18 months I told my new female Nurse Practitioner I wanted to stop taking Zoloft. Not a problem. She increased my Bupropion to 300mgs time release. So that's where I'm at. Now. A new even larger problem. I just turned 64. I'm in the American Legion. We were putting flags on the graves of servicemen. Instead of using my cane. I had to use my 4 wheel walker. Because of the terrain. Those 2 things made me think about my disabilities. I got home. That's all I could think of. I scheduled an urgent appointment with mental health. I wrote down how I felt. It was more of a getting it out of your system talk. It helped. But. I started thinking about it all again. I kept taking my Bupropion. But I knew that I'm going into a downward spiral. I have my doctor's appointment and mental health on this Friday. I always write down any questions or comments for them to read. Usually just update my prescriptions. How are you feeling, etc. Now I have an entire sheet about I need help. I don't know what to do. The main reason. I CANNOT ACCEPT THAT I'M DISABLED!!! There is no pill that can control that thought. Neither any group counseling that could help. I REALLY DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!! I've always had that thought. In the back of my head. But it really surfaced this time. I always mentioned about it on my usual 90 day checkup. With mental health. But now it has grown so big that it really affects me. Both physically and mentally. Don't get me wrong. This ISN'T A SUICIDE NOTE. I'm really close to the border. That's why I'm asking my healthcare providers. I NEED HELP!! Well I'll find out this Friday. With the results. Felice I want to have you as a supporter. Please write me back about this. Well enough on that. Sorry but I had to go thru my history of mental health. Now on to your problem. All antidepressants work differently on people. You said that Zoloft helped you. Now in addition you have Bupropion also. Have you taken it for at least 3 weeks?? That's the time to fully get into your system. Please DON'T EVER GO COLD TURKEY. And stop taking it. It takes about 3 weeks to get weaned off the depression medications. I had that happen during one of my physical therapies. I turned into the worst person you could be. I was nasty, swearing. I wanted to punch somebody out. A totally opposite person that I was. They finally figured out that they forgot to also give me the Bupropion. 2 days later I was back to normal. Getting back to Bupropion. It does have side effects. Dry mouth, you'll lose weight and won't be hungry. I lost 35 lbs. You might have headaches, sweating, fidgety. But also you get p***** off and have an occasional outburst. Bupropion has the least sexual side effects. Tell your doctor what's happening. Talk about what you are experiencing. He or she will know what to do. They are educated in psychology and you should trust them fully. You can always get referred to another doctor. But see how this works out. Maybe lowering the Zoloft dosage. Possibly increasing the Bupropion. He might even change medications to something different. Just follow the guidance they tell you. Back at the beginning I tried 3 different antidepressants. Over a 2 month period. Bupropion finally worked. And I went all over the dosage from 200 to 400mgs. 450mgs is the maximum dosage. I hope this helped you. I wish you luck tomorrow. Please reply about your results. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!!!!!!
  11. Hello PikesPeak, Your letter was quite interesting. Some of the items mirror mine. I started Bupropion. Which in know that's Wellbutrin. But I always use Bupropion. Anyway, I started it in August 2012. First being prescribed Zoloft. I was on that for a month. I told my doctor that I didn't like the side effects. She switched me to Paxil. Once again another 30 days. Just like Zoloft. The side effects bothered me. Finally in October 2012. She talked about Bupropion. A non SSRI like Paxil and Zoloft. She started me taking 100 mgs a day. She informed me about the side effects. First it's the only antidepressant that has the least sexual side effects. You'll might have headaches. You will not be hungry and lose weight. I didn't smoke. But Bupropion is a treatment for stopping smoking. Other side effects include dry mouth,. You'll be quite mellow. But every once in awhile. Something so trivial. Will pi** you off. Just take a deep breath and walk away and forget it. This doesn't happen often. But that problem is a side effect. You can get fidgety. Have heartburn. Constipation or diarrhea. Dizziness. And more side effects. Everyone has some side effects. But you won't know until you've taken it. It's not a guarantee that all of those will affect you. You can't pinpoint what will happen. Everybody is different. But once Bupropion is in your system. It takes about 6 weeks. Most of the side effects will go away. I lost 40 lbs. Fantastic!! I have Erectile Dysfunction. I get headaches now and then. Other than the ED. Which I take Viagra. But I'm over 60. So having sex is not a big deal. Really all I do is *********. A few times a month. That keeps my pipes clean. Does it help not getting prostrate cancer? Some doctors say yes. Some others say no. So I *********. A thrill for 5 minutes!! My PSA Tests are below 1.0. So it works for me!! Back to my most bothersome side effect is the dry mouth. Which crops up at anytime. I use a Lifesaver or other hard candy. That fixes it up. My dosages of Bupropion have been all over the charts. I've had 200 mgs. One in the morning then one at lunch. I've had 300 and finally up to 400 mgs a day. I was tested for PTSD. I took Zoloft and my Bupropion for about a year. After taking the Zoloft. I told my doctor I want to quit it. Already plagued with ED. IT just made it worse. I basically lost all desire for sex. I had to chose living with PTSD or get my sex life back. I chose sex!! I feel great know. The doctor agreed to stop the Zoloft. But know I take 300 mgs of Bupropion Time Release. Once in the morning. The dry mouth is still a problem. Along with the ED. But my sex life was much better. I asked about reducing the Bupropion to 200 mgs. That would be even more beneficial for my ED. She said if necessary. Take Viagra. Since I stopped the Zoloft. She felt that would help my PTSD. Like I said above. I feel great. My PTSD problem is controlled. Plus I'm 99.9% of the time mellowed out!! Here's a few more tips. Whatever you do. DO NOT STOP TAKING ANY ANTIDEPRESSANT COLD TURKEY!!! If you do. You'll see a side of you comes out!! You'll turn into a very nasty, confrontable, aggressive SOB. I know because I was hospitalized. Nobody paid attention to my drug list. Then not giving me my dosage of Bupropion!!!! Within 2 days I went from a sweet little angel. To the worst person ever imaginable. Finally they seen the error of omitting the Bupropion. Within a day. I went back to a little angel. I had no control over that episode. So you see how powerful antidepressants are. Always follow your doctor's recommendation for the right dosage. If you detect a problem. Immediately call or go see your doctor. I always say to people. I have a mental health problem. Never be embarrassed. It's a silent disease. You'll be branded, possibly harassed and an outcast. Look at what the government does when you apply to purchase a gun. The mental health issue is brought up. But. Have you ever been hospitalized for mental health problems. I'd say 99% of the people have never been committed. They're just like me and you. Who have mental health issues. Take medication for it. Mental Health is a disease. You can't cure it. Only you are controlling it!!! You could stand in a group of people. Someone takes an antidepressant. But you wouldn't know unless he said something about it. Both of us are not alone. There's a lot of help out there. Forums such as this. County and state counseling. Your doctor. Social workers. Friends and family. And more. On the bad side. If you are thinking about suicide. There are so many help phone numbers. They are standing by for a call. Just to talk with someone about your problems. Could be a life saver. You have to cope with the problem. Thru medication, awareness groups and a lot more. If you encounter problems don't hide or be ashamed. Life is to precious. There's ALWAYS HELP OUT THERE !!!!! I've written a lot for you to think about. Never say I'm sorry!! That shows weakness. You are just one person. There's no duplicates. You have to accept the good with the bad. That's life. It's like they say. Every vote counts. You could change the future. But they only problem that you can't control is death. So make the most of life. Your unique!! Hopefully when you read this. It contains a lot of information. Feel free to contact me. If you want. I hope everything works out for you. It's a pleasure to share my thoughts. Have a great day and beyond!!! ????
  12. After read in your letter. It sounds like anxiety. Are you taking any antidepressant medications? Talk to your mental health specialist about this. I'm sure that they could put you on anxiety medication. The first one that helped me was Lexapro. I went thru anxiety attacks. But taking it. Took care of that problem. You might ask about Bupropion/Wellbutrin. The two are the same antidepressant medication. If your worried about weight gain. I guarantee you. When taking Bupropion. You'll lose weight. After 2 months of taking it. I dropped almost 40 lbs. Bupropion can also be used for anxiety. Naturally when taking antidepressants. There's always side effects. Mine are not feeling hungry, dry mouth and some sexual problems. But Bupropion has the least sexual side effects of any antidepressant. I don't know if you have any problems like that. But its a fact. Get on any search engine. Type in Lexapro or Bupropion. There are a lot of sites dealing with antidepressants. Just read about each one and you'll know all about any antidepressant medication. I've was on Lexapro for 15 years. Then my problem went to chronic depression. I've been on that for the last 10 years. Please remember the medication affects people in different ways. A caution for you. It takes about a month for your body to get into your system. Warning!!! WHATEVER YOU DO. DON'T STOP TAKING ANY ANTIDEPRESSANT MEDICATION. COLD TURKEY!!! YOU HAVE TO BE WEANED OFF IT SLOWLY. ABOUT 3 WEEKS. Otherwise you will see a side of you. That you never thought you could be. Nasty, aggressive, having the anxiety attacks return. You just turn into a ugly, repulsive beast!!!! I hope I gave you some important information in the world of antidepressants. When taking these. They don't cure you. It controls you. It's really not bad as it sounds. After taking the antidepressant medication. I feel great. It's like a new life. It transformed me. It was a God send. If you want. Write me and tell me how you are doing. You are not alone. There are so many things out in society. That you can use. Support groups, this forum, people that are going thru the same problems you have. Best of luck in dealing with your problem. Remember write me if you want. Have a great day!!! ?
  13. Don't be afraid of the weight loss! Bupropion is a godsend to me. I'm diagnosed with chronic depression and PTSD. But that's another story. I've been on Bupropion for the last seven years. From 150 all the way up to 400mgs. Now I'm on 1 pill a day; 300 mgs. time release. I feel fantastic. But, certain things that I have no control over bother me. Sometimes. It really takes a lot to get me going. It only happens now and then. Another word of advice. Whatever you do. DO NO STOP TAKING BUPROPION AT ONCE. You have to be weaned off of it slowly over a few weeks. If you stop abruptly. You'll turn into a monster. It happened to me in physical therapy. The medical staff failed to realize that I was taking Bupropion. I literally could twist there heads off!! I turned into something I would never had expected. When I resumed taking Bupropion I went back to normal. The first thing I discovered was the lack of an appetite. Over a few months I dropped almost 40 lbs. Which is great since I've had knee surgery 4 times. Less weight equals less work. Your knee function is much better. Another positive. I have high blood pressure. That really helps it. I've been a stable 185lbs. for 2-3 years. I still watch what I eat. Also exercise as much as possible with my bad knee. Let me know how your doing. Your not alone. There are many options for help out there.
  14. Doctors will always tell you. It's not a problem. Just take it at the same time tomorrow. I take high blood pressure medication. Nothing will happen. The only thing that will hurt you. Is just stopping it all together. You have to be weaned off slowly over about a month. Don't worry!!! ?
  15. Hi Psychiatry18!!! ? Siegfried greets you to the Forum. I've been on Wellbutrin (Bupropion) for almost 6 years. I first started back in 2011. I'm still taking it. Probably for the rest of my life. Initially 200mgs half at breakfast the other half at noon. I've been all over taking 400 mgs at one time. Talk about nothing bothers me!! I was prescribed Zoloft a year and a half. For PTSD. Eventually I stopped taking it. Because of the sexual side effects. I have ED. Even with Viagra I could only have a semi hard erection. So for my benefit. I had to choose trying to cope with PTSD. And controlling it. Or live the with my ED. This was one of the hardest choices I'd ever made. I chose the ED. I'm 64 years old. My mental health counselor decided to give me 300mgs of time release Bupropion. I was taking 200mgs. But quitting the Zoloft was the best thing I ever did. She upgraded me to the 300mgs XL. I haven't had any problems lately. Back to your question. About once during a month. Something would tic me of. So I had to calm myself down. Taking deep breaths and concentrating on something else. That worked for me. I haven't had any episodes in quite a while. Initially I researched Bupropion on Webmd.com I looked at the side effects. Other than losing about 35 pounds. Dry mouth. Then dealing with my ED. Bupropion has the least sexual side effects of any antidepressant. But I'm in that small group that still has a problem with ED. I believe that I'm taking the right dosage. That controls my chronic depression. So that's my story on Bupropion. I have achieved 99% control of my depression. But once in a while. The rage does appear. Have you been to a group therapy for mindfulness instruction. I went for a two month class. Once a week. That's what taught me about deep breathing, relaxing and meditation. It was a wonderful learning experience. Check it out. I'm sure where you live. Their has to be a support group. Your not alone. Plus all of the people in this forum to help you. You've taken the first step. Now just keep walking thru the tunnel. There is a light at the end! Feel free to contact me about how your doing anytime. Best of luck in achieving your answer to your problem.
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