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  1. Brian, what are Pan Am Games? I tried to google it but I'm still puzzled. SFCG- I am rooting for you as I also have to extract a tooth on Thursday due to a jaw problem that the tooth is causing. And I'm so proud of my gorgeous teeth, it's the best thing on me! So girl, I can't say I know exactly how you feel because obviously you have a very specific phobia, but at least I can send my hugs and thoughts your way and inform you that I have been reading your posts and listening. ohgeesmiles- I write a lot of stuff, mostly movie reviews and impersonal feminist articles, but I can relate to what you're saying about quitting writing. All I can say is: I think you're talented. I really like your unique style and a different way of noticing things. I hope you keep your writing up so that someday these posts aren't the only thing of yours I read. As for me, I'm basically doing fine, but only objectively. The weather is still a drag. I have some vain thoughts about my drinking reflecting on my looks, but I'm the highest functioning alc in my AA group and it's been hindering my progress a bunch. I feel like I have nothing to be there for when I hear all those stories. But I'm going to get through, I will.
  2. OMG please tell me, what's the deal with Kindle??? My ex lover bought it for me and I'm completely flabergasted at how I'm supposed to use it. I'm so upset about having to buy books online, hwere they aren't visible, that I haven't even turned it on. And I want to. So, what are the up sides of it?
  3. Christina, I can't even begin to tell you how many times I didn't get the job, and I am (and now my ego kicks in) one of the best teachers in the business (have got the awards to prove it!) It's very much a matter of luck so I wouldn't sweat about it. You'll get the next one. At least your beauty goes in your favour, sometimes the employers are really shallow. JD, so happy to hear that, honestly. I'm off to the dentist in a couple of minutes. I don't have a dentist- phobia so it shouldn't be too horrible, but having to communicate with others is always a challenge. I'm also super anxious in general, I feel as if my world is falling apart. The good thing is, I know exactly why, and it's a really frivolous reason. It's super hot over here in Croatia. It's so hot that you can't turn on your oven, you can't sit next to your laptop in a dress, or else you gonna sweat like crazy, you can't go to the pools because it's too crowded. Other things I can't do include: washing my clothes. The thing is, in America and Europe you have all these places where you can wash your clothes and dry them, but over here everyone has their own individual washing machine and they dry their clothes the old- fashioned way. So when I wash my clothes in my apartment, I have to put them to dry INSIDE my apartment (due to not having a balcony) and it gets crazy humid inside. I just can't handle this heat anymore. I'm also rather nervous because I've nobody to hang out with ever since my breakup.
  4. Starsea, don't worry about it, I'm sure your wife sees things pretty similar to how you see them! I'm actually okay. I miss James in this thread, though, and it feels like a real family member has gone forever! I might even shed a tear for him! Other than that, I bought a pretty snazzy clock and now I won't be late for work ever again (hopefully). Not that I was late in the first place, but it's impracticale checking your cell all the time.
  5. Love this story And it's not too embarrassing either. To add my fair share: I got back from swimming and I was just going through my recipes, searching for cookies I could make today and I spontaneously started humming "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas", except with the lyric "It's beginning to look a lot like spinster". EDIT- Dolphin, darling, what a lovely story! Hope the rest of your trip is as pleasant as this!
  6. I'm ok today, off to the swimming pool to get all this energy out of me! :D
  7. I read all these post about people being disgruntled about their work and I wonder: why am I not disgruntled? My job sucks, especially after being in school which was the best job I could ever imagine, but even though my boss is a complete a- hole who doesn't appreciate me, I feel okay with that. The only thing I'm disgruntled about is being dumped by a completely decent guy because I can't have kids. But who could blame him? I'd probably do the same thing if I weren't madly in love, and we weren't.
  8. First of all, I actually think the Wisconsians are quite good- lokking! Second of all, thanks for sharing that AWFUL memory. I joke because I love you, Brian, but still, that's one hell of a trauma there! :)
  9. Because they refuse to see your depression as a serious thing.
  10. Why do all the guys from Wisconsin look like JD? Maybe thery're older or younger than him, but they're all light, bearded and tough looking. I wonder if it had to do with the climate. Or is it just my experience meeting 5 people from Wisconsin? Anyway, today the American embassy came to my workplace and they offered me a scholarship in the US! It's for a short period of time and I won't know if my nomination went through until next year, but yay, someone acknowledged my work!
  11. You're not being overly sensitive. Something's fishy. Play cold and then you'll know for sure.
  12. Honey, I don't want to sound too preachy, but you really need to change your attitude. First off, looks really aren't that important for adult relationships. Maybe in high school it's all about who has the best body or the prettiest face, but in real life it doesn't mean much. That being said, it's not very nice to say that a girl you used to be with wasn't that great looking. Actually, any negative assesment of another person's physique is a lower level of communication. If she wasn't attractive, why were you with her then? Was it because you thought you would downgrade just to be safe (safe in staying with her and also safe from feeling insecure all the time)? Again not nice. Change the attitude, don't worry about your looks, and just go for any girl you find attractive. Sure, they'll shoot you down a ton, but it'll work eventually.
  13. Dear havehope, I can't give any real advice because it's so difficult for me to give advice to anyone who has structural problems in their relationships with other people. To me it seems like your friend hasn't been honest with you when she said she wouldn't mind you dating her ex and that's what caused the current relationship issues. I would blame her for not saying upfront what she really felt, but I guess it's understandable how she didn't want to seem pathetic or desperate. Their relationship could never be rekindled, right? It's obviously so since your boyfriend is currently dating you. So, whatever problems she may have, it's up to her to resolve them and to move on. It's really not your place to be her therapist. As for your job, baby steps. You can start by doing something by yourself at first, but at least to change your environment a bit or even lead meaningless conversations. Perhaps run to the store and say a few kind words to the clerk, stuff like that. It's not the real deal, but it helps! Your family and boyfriend seem to be really nice people, hang on to them.
  14. A graphic novel by Guy Delisle called Pyongyang.
  15. Dolphin, I hope you slept well after this unusual unfolding of events! Slept really well myself and am ready for today. I've been having trouble with organizing my work now that I don't have anyone hovering over my head for every little thing. I guess I was born to be scrutinized :) I also feel nervous about everything that awaits just around the corner, but right now it's all about the coffee, healthy diet program, and the good people around me.
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