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  1. Or more like my memory got jogged. I was at my local hospital getting treated for depression, anxiety over 22 years ago. Ha! I don't even remember. Pardon my sense of humour but for years I was blaming my ex husband and my kids. Although I was with my ex at that time, we just weren't married yet. I feel like I just came to the realization that I will never be OK. Bummer.
  2. How are you doing Sad7? I've been taking WB for about a month. I'm at 300mg now. I notice some days I don't pass a stool at all. Other days every time I go pee, I pass a little rabbit turd. Like 8 times a day. Anyhow just wondering how you're doing.
  3. I know the drugstores in my area we never know which generic brands of mess will be there. It isn't always the same brand. So, I pay extra to get the brand name.
  4. SloStang, that's exactly it. I feel the same way. My moods are still meh, I still have ups and downs, but I don't fly of the handle now. Like people still annoy me but now it's like who cares. I'm so carefree now. And thanks for your explanation.
  5. I definitely noticed a difference, for the better, when I went from 20mg to 30mg. From 30mg to 40mg I can't say that I do. But im almost at the sweet spot, so I'm not messing around with my doses right now.
  6. Enickols, way ahead of you. I'm trying the welly 150mg again. Only this time with the 40mg of cipralex, not with my original dose of 30mg. I will tell my doc when I see him.
  7. I was on the WB 5 - 6 weeks. Not long. I had told my doc I didn't feel a difference. So he said bump up the Cipralex to 40 and stop the WB. But now I have less energy. That could be from the upped dose of Cipralex or the omitting of the WB, or both. I'm wondering, is 150mg of WB enough to do anything when taking, say, 30 or 40mg of Cipralex also?
  8. I was on 30mg of Cipralex until jan. Then 150mg of Wellbutrin got added. Stopped the wellbutrin after 2mths as it didn't seem to be doing anything with the Cipralex. Then when i refilled my Cipralex, they had generic so I decided to try it. That lasted a month. Anyhow, I'm up to 40mg of Cipralex now. I definitely feel better than before. But I'm at an age where this is it. It's a lost cause.
  9. WB was a waste of time. Now I'm up to 40mg of Cipralex instead.
  10. I've been taking Cipralex 30mg. I'm starting WB xl 150 tomorrow. Wish me luck.
  11. I work as a cashier in a grocery store. In my own mind, the regular customers are my best friends. We only share small talk but I feel that's enough for me. Then I come home and want to be left alone. I remember one trip my ex and I went on to Vegas. I enjoyed the crowds and the people. i didn't participate in any events, I just loved being amongst the hoopla. Then going back to our hotel room and having peace. lol what's wrong with me?
  12. No. I speak from experience. Re: my current situation. To make a long story short, I am not able to deal with my own bologny, let alone his. And, it's only been since I divorced my husband of 20yrs, and spent nearly 10yrs with my current bf that I've realised what a mess of my life I've made. So, my answer is no.
  13. When I got my RX, they have it to me in the boxes the pills came in. But I guess if you get the meds in a bottle, you'd have no idea. I agree, that isn't good.
  14. Hi Lynn. Can't really help you but I thought I post anyhow. For 6mths ago I started taking Cipralex. Started at 10mg and then reached 30mg. A few weeks ago my drugstore got the generic escitalopram made by Apotex so I thought I'd give it a try. I think it was a mistake Maybe you try another pharmacy? Sorry I'm not any help? I just needed to talk.
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