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  1. hi Ian, if are feeling really low right now,what about going to accident and emergency [ER] if theyre a competent doctor they will prescribe something better until get to see the pyschiatrist;just tell them how bad it is.
  2. hi dave94 and welcome to the forum;hope will feel safe to express self here like the rest of us have done. am able to relate,having been very pyschotic in the past and can very much relate about being inpatient at christmas as well-it sucks,was inpatient in a intelectual disability secure hospital over last christmas. what is the next step are going to take? thought about seeing the doctor [pysch]?
  3. welcome to the forum-and excelent news gladias9; on applying for therapy,the first step to admitting that need support with life is always the most difficult but it will only get better that is what need to concentrate on.
  4. see a pyschologist in that case,not a pyschiatrist. if were to want medication at any point,the pyschologist can ask a pyschiatrist or doctor to prescribe it if remember correctly so it woudnt necessarily mean having to go through it all again with a different doctor.
  5. hi oli92, welcome to the forum! its good have joined here as it shows have got some hope left for living,and will find a lot of people to get support from and relate to here. the term 'ugly' is a belief that only exists with low self esteem,ugly is a manmade concept-no one apart from bullies will be thinking are ugly as theyre more likely concerned with their own self image. its about building a better self image but that will be very hard without combating the depression first,are definitely not ugly;thats using someone elses definition to judge but who gave them the right to define humanity? it sounds like have got a lot of anxiety,especialy around other people,it must be very hard to deal with and can only sympathise;am very lucky in that sense because am completely detatched to humans & completely lack social rules due to being severely autistic.girls can be very rude about looks because they are often so focused on fitting in and looking good when theyre younger,dont worry about being the only one those of us who are female and look different get it in the neck as well off them they target anyone who doesnt fit into the stereotypical gorgeous male or female mould,but most of those girls thankfuly grow up to be women. perhaps the girls are noticing are very anxious so it might be making them run off,theres lots of ways at getting support for anxiety though including therapy and medications;including OTC ones like bach rescue remedy. as for sexuality,ever heard of asexuality? have a look into it if not. as for disability,what exactly is it that find most difficult with the disability? had to look it up as did not know what it was but can understand for someone who is wanting to fit into society disability woud be very difficult to cope with. as for life,everyone has problems so no life is filled with great things all the time,its about taking the rough with the smooth but depression is when things get really unbalanced on the rough side and it needs extra support.
  6. welcome to the forum user12345, dont worry am not going to lecture and its not the done thing around here anyway. please feel comfort in the fact are amongst many other people in the same position with mental health,we wont judge;we will only sympathise.
  7. welcome to the forum elle4321, existance is the hardest part of life, life can get very difficult but then the sadistic human neurobiology comes along and says 'hey, lets cause some REAL suffering and distress',real life can be very challenging and only serves to complicate our mental health but there aint no pain like what our own brains can come up with.,and as a fellow fighter of depression can only urge to keep fighting it every day,dont look further than a day keep it short so have got less to worry about. remember there are loads of us here who suffer the same thing so are not alone and will always find someone online to talk to as we are from all over the world. the problem with this is depression can make some people avoid direct communication including avoiding their private messaging as they find it so tiring and overbearing,am definitely one of them and feel horrible for having ignored lots of PMs on another forum but have not got the communicative energy to answer which is complicated by severe depression. a lot of depressed people also have anxiety and may stress over the reasons why someone may not answer,but its best to just assume theyve got troubles of their own and cant answer right now,personaly know two people who are severely depressed and cannot use forums or social media or email as they both has massive anxiety over why people havent answered them yet and blames themselves all the time.
  8. not being in severe physical pain,hopefuly it wont be to long before meds are sorted out.
  9. am new to smoking,started possibly couple of weeks ago,but in this time have only had three cigaretes-have resisted buying any so far, am only accepting them when offered,only took it up from the absolute stress am under from currently uncontroled severe depression and severe sciatica.
  10. really hate the human race sometimes.
  11. tphoneee, make that appointment! but....explain to the medical practice are acutely anxious/scared etc [which ever word applies] with waiting around others in the public waiting room and ask them for a quiet room to wait in,they will do it. because of severe challenging behavior,overload and extreme anxiety have always been given a quiet private room,whether its in the doctors surgery,in hospital,at the dentists etc-they all offer it for those who need it but it needs to be asked for they dont just mention it. am personaly given pysch appointments at home because its most accessible to self,perhaps its worth finding out if they offer home appointments to?
  12. another welcome to the forum kbpme,we are all in the same position-or have been there so are in good company.
  13. hopefuly its nothing serious at all and the pain quickly clears up,depression is one thing to have but physical pain on top takes depression to a whole new level.
  14. family guy on bbc three,the episode where brian and stewie go to university.
  15. everlong, it sounds like blunted affect and anhedonia;both big parts of depression and am completely able to relate.
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