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  1. I would be interested in knowing this also. After I attempted suicide in 2012 and was hospitalized for almost 3 months they put me on a bunch of medications. I am now on Celexa, Lamictial, Neurotin and Trazadone (which was just doubled). My home life is unbearable and there is no chance of me leaving or it getting better. I am extremely sad all the time and feel there is no way out of this stupor. I just started receiving Social Security Disability and found out Friday that because I make about $50.00 more than the poverty level ($972.50) that I no longer qualify for Medicaid. I have no idea how I'm to afford my insulin and needles now. At least the depression and anxiety drugs are under $20.00 a month. I go once a month to talk with a counselor but it feels like "same old, same old". I'm beginning to wonder if the medications are making me non-functional or am I just getting worse and need a whole new medication overhaul.
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