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  1. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. You obviously are not able to see what a difference you make in others lives. this continued attitude does carry over in how you treat your relationship as you are not able to perceive the love shown to you. I have spent 34 years trying to show you how amazing you are. I see I am not capable of showing you. I am lost as to how to help you. It has not been easy walking the fine line of your determined self defeat. i am deeply saddened that even though your 4 amazing children and you wife love you to pieces, you still can't feel that. For if you can't feel our love, you are not able to share that degree of love with us either. we are 5 on our own with you determined to defeat yourself. i am so saddened to read this. I guess I am also lost to your determined depression, by default, i am a consequence of your determination. i always hoped for great love and joy, but I see i was only living in my own hope, unfortunately I am alone in that place you choose to never join me. I feel I have wasted such great effort and love. I can not walk that life with you anymore. "The above was written by my wife, unfortunately some others take my depression as an insult to them, somehow"
  2. I'm lost, sad, unhappy, miserable, can't focus, can't think straight. I'm 69, just had a birthday and a wedding anniversary. 4 beautiful grown kids, a decent job, but I've had ADD/Depression my whole life. I tried to retire last year, but we are still supporting our kids with a lot of financial issues and I had to go back to work. Right now I feel like a disappointment to everyone, and I spend more time beating myself up internally than anyone else ever has. Way too many other issues dragging me down to mention.
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