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  1. I've probably posted this 3 or 4 times on here but the thing that bugs me to nooooo end are SLOW drivers! I mean go the dang speed limit at least! And also get out of the left lane! Left lane is for passing, not driving like a grandma. Seriously, I can understand why ppl get road rage...
  2. Nothing am about to make some chicken fajitas with homemade flour tortillas and a big bowl of homemade guacamole!
  3. Still winning...forever...
  4. Btw, I read my books on my iPad. If anyone wants a good site to download free iBooks. PM me, I found a great one!
  5. Just finished "Petals on the Wind" written by V.C Andrews, the 2nd book of the "Flowers In The Attic" saga. Really screwed up family...but good reading
  6. Cleaned my stairs, painted my toenails, watched half of a dumb movie on Netflix, and that's about it
  7. Lately I haven't been reading or posting advice on this particular forum because whenever I do try to give advice or support ppl don't tend to want it.
  8. Really bored today... Too hot to do anything outside.. Trying to find something to do inside.
  9. Don't need to ...it's still on eBay.. With 3 watchers.
  10. Organizing my closet...which is no small chore!
  11. Took my daughter to the park, did some laundry, worked on the yard
  12. Make up... I woke up looking hideous today
  13. Weeds that grow way to fast in my yard
  14. Nice try, but I was scamming you...again, decoys! My goodness, this is so easy!
  15. Sweater, Your post has deeply touched me. What a remarkable person you must be to have so much responsibilities at such a young age. You truly are a special woman. Never be ashamed or feel guilty for letting go... We have all done it at one point or another. I broke down a few occasions at work! Which was really embarrassing since I had to face those ppl everyday! But you know what? It's ok. We are all only human. Everyone expresses their emotions in different ways. The lady who hugged you and felt concerned for you must be another special person. It's rare sometimes to find these ppl in the society we live in now. I'm sure glad she was there that day you felt so awful. Just a small act of kindness can do wonders.. I wish you the best and if you need a good cry or to talk or vent or anything!... We all are here to listen. *hugs*
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