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  1. Also I think it's easier for adults to label themselves with bipolar or ADHD... It may be easier for them to associate a disease to their moodyness or excuse bad behavior. This goes for parents as well that excuse their bad parenting by associating their children's behavior to ADHD. Not all... But I would be willing to bet a high number...
  2. I had 3 of my friends take the "bipolar" test that I was given and answer the questions I was asked... All of them ended up checking a lot, if not most of the answers I did. So they all have bipolar? I think before doctors assume what mental illness one has, there should be further testing... I was diagnosed the same day I went in for my first visit to the doctor. Every single person I come across or meet seems to be suffering from some sort of mental illness or disability. It just seems strange that there are so MANY people and children with ADHD, ADD, Bipolar... Etc.. What if nothing is wrong with them at all? But the medication that's handed out is like a candy dispenser, and who even knows the long term effects it has or the effects it has on someone who doesn't even need it..
  3. I agree with you blue gal 100%. As for ADHD resembling bipolar... Yes, I agree, but there is also a debate whether bipolar is another "fake" disease... I have questions about that disorder as well . As someone who has been diagnosed with both... And a few others... I start to question, how do these doctors come to the conclusions when just asking questions and having someone check "yes and no" answers...
  4. Interesting article. Your thoughts? Thanks [please PM member for link to article]
  5. The words I can't, I'll never, and I won't...
  6. I'm not on any medication right now and I've never been on Wellbutrin. I'm sure you had the bad withdrawals because you quit cold turkey. You definitely have to taper off lexapro gradually. I tapered off too fast and had "brain shocks" for a month or two after. I never experienced any other withdrawal symptoms. I was also on the highest dose of Lexapro, I'm not sure what dosage you were taking but it can make all the difference.
  7. It may work for some but it definitely did not help me. I had anxiety for a year and the only medication that helped was Xanax, and I'm pretty sure lexapro cured me of anxiety. Xanax was just my security blanket. Since I've quit lexapro I haven't had an anxiety attack in over 7 months. Before I was having 2-4 times a day... Lexapro is given for depression mainly but I've read it's given to some for anxiety as well. This medicine was a miracle medicine for me.
  8. Well don't be, because you look great.. There's nothing wrong with your hair. You have a lot of hair still!
  9. Also if you were on accutane, hair loss is a side effect. I also took accutane, although I didn't suffer hair loss from it, I've read many people who have. I know accutane can stay in your system for a few years even after stopping it. The places it's thinned out a little may very well grow back in time.
  10. If it bothers you so much it might ease ur mind to know there are hair treatments you can get. My brother in law recently had a hair transplant where they took hair follicles and planted them on the thinned out parts. He now has a full head of hair that grows naturally.
  11. Thanks guys! I really appreciate the support and advice from all of you! Just got back from my bike ride and I feel great! I'm noticing already I'm gaining more energy since I've cut sugar and lowered carbs. I've also lost 6 pounds in the last two weeks so I'm pretty happy about that. I try to weigh myself once a week. Jeff- thanks so much! ill be seeing my doctor next week for the rest of my testing, and yes, she Is great! I will keep posted :)
  12. Maybe I'm weird, but I find those sounds to be somewhat relaxing... Again, weird!
  13. nothing atm but I'm getting my playlist ready for my afternoon cardio/jog. A little slipknot, pantera and Metallica to get the blood pumping!
  14. Green Olives, homemade hummus with celery for my late night snack
  15. The hardest thing giving up is cheese for me... I LOVE cheese! :( I haven't been fully tested for PCOS but like I said my doctor suspects that I have it because of my adult acne breakouts and this burning pain I get in my left side where my ovaries are. It only comes during my monthly cycle, which is screwed up as well... tMI, I know... Hah My doctor also like you recommended the yogurt, which is great because it's one of my fav things to eat and I'm already giving up cheese! Stupid body.
  16. P. S endocrinologist Is the name of the doctor :)
  17. DHEA is like a super-ultra-potent form of testosterone. It helps body builders form muscle more easily, but a lot of it also causes undesirable traits like hair loss at the crown of the head, acne, or increased body hair. So the DHEA is most likely the cause of your acne problems. It, too, can be increased by inflammation interestingly enough. For some people, dairy products would be a major cause of this (likely due to the insulin-spiking growth hormones in milk). If you want to try something as a temporary fix to get your levels of both DHEA and inflammation down, reducing whatever dairy you're having could help. Also, you can try having spearmint (not peppermint) tea or other forms of spearmint whenever you can, if you like. I remember reading of a test or two out there that showed it might lower DHEA levels. (It's tricky since most "mint" containing items have peppermint in them but sometimes you'll find real spearmint in stuff, if you look.) Hair loss forums have a lot of info on this stuff. @highanxiety: Thanks for the suggestion of that skin forum. I'm doing reasonably well in that area these days, but I'm going to look it up! Yikes - so I'm basically turning into a man? Lol :( So far I haven't had any of the gross symptoms... Well, besides occasional acne outbreaks and I do seem to get a lot of hot flashes, grr. I pray I never start growing a mustache or losing my hair. Hopefully since we've caught it early I'll be able to control it with medication. Ty for the advice. I will try to find some spearmint! What about regular dried mint? Will that work? I love mixing it in my yogurt with some cucumber, yum. I've started my high protein, low carb diet. I am staying away from dairy as much as possible. Ty so much for the advice :)
  18. Fizzle - thank you for your response. I have recently been experiencing a lot of mood swings. I get really angry over the silliest things and I have never been like this before. I am guessing it's because of all the hormone changes in my body going on. At least I will blame it on that for now ;) I agree 100% with you on there should be more tests run on ppl with mental illness before medicine is pushed on them! I'm guessing though a lot of shrinks would loose business though :p it's a shame because I'm sure there's a lot of ppl who go their whole lives thinking they're just depressed, when in reality they could have an underlying medical problem. the only reason I went to see the blood specialist (forget the name) is because my sister went to her and she has the same problems as me and told me I should go see her! I would probably have never known what was wrong with me if I hadn't gone. My normal primary doctor tested my thyroid 6 months ago and told me everything was fine and sent me home thinking I'm just crazy...
  19. It definitely does make u feel better and u feel u have accomplished something, no matter how small the goal.. not familiar with the term freshers but I hope u have a good time!
  20. I dislike it when ppl who generalize depression as a handicap. We are not handicapped and we can do things to make our lives better. you should look to those people as examples. There is nothing stopping you from being as happy as they are but it takes time and commitment.
  21. How do you know these "healthy" people havent already suffered thru it and defeated it? Depression is curable.
  22. Chris - you're very right! i think you need to find some sort of balance. I think a lot of ppl think it's either all or nothing when getting into a routine and then get discouraged. It's about taking baby steps and finding a routine that works for u and gradually building from that.
  23. I will take u up on that advice after all of my tests are done!
  24. Jeff - thank you again for your well written response and advice. i do in fact have Hasimoto, my doctor called me yesterday and explained it in more detail and went over my lab results with me. I tested negative for pre-diabetes, but she does suspect I have something called PCOS because my DHEA tested high. Which would explain this burning pain I get on my side and my adult acne breakouts. Good news just keeps coming my way ..lol. I am happy to learn this all though so I can start taking the medications that will help get all of this under control. Ty for the advice for my husband. One of his dermatologists did mention he could have folliculitus (sp?) and she gave him antibiotics and wrote down a list of things for him to do, but he quickly dismissed this because every doctor was telling him something different it could be. One doctor even told him poison Ivy ... Really? Poison ivy for 3 years now... Another doctor just told him he had a chronic skin inflammation ( yea, duh) and gave us a "nothing you can really do" answer .. I think my husbands just frustrated with going back and forth to doctors who are just guessing and don't really seem to want to look into it. He's been thru steroid shots, steroid creams, he's currently on antibiotics now which haven't done anything and he's just finishing them up. I feel horrible for him. I will mention to him when he gets home from work about the cream u suggested. Honestly he's probably got about 50 creams in our medicine cabinet and none of them seem to help relieve his itching at night. I'm not sure if he's had a food allergy done but I will ask him about that too :) Thanks again and best of luck to u.
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