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  1. I feel stuck... he treats me like crap.. my self confidence is in the negative.. he constantly belittles me and makes me want to die... I don't know what happened, he use to not be like this. i don't feel loved.. i find myself feeling so lonely and abandoned.
  2. Tyvm abandoned and nice to see you, I hope and pray for all of us here suffering we can find that peace.
  3. ...and more depressed than ever! It's been about 2 years I think since I've been on this forum. Hoping to see some familiar faces and new ones. I've missed these boards, although I can't say I'm happy to be depressed again.. it's a bitter sweet reunion I guess.
  4. Devastating F4 tornado hit about 30 miles from me day after Christmas and two days after it snowed in the morning for an hour... This weather is really crazy...
  5. Can I hug all of the people above me? (((((((((((( gigantic hugs to allllllllll))))))))))))
  6. First of all relationship problems can be the cause of a depression, so the person who made that comment is ignorant. Second, I'm so sorry about your situation and I can defintely sympathize with you. I know it's a cliche saying but time really does heal the heart. It will be very hard in the beginning but eventually it will get better. Let it out, don't hold it in.. Talk to people about it... Friends, family, whoever will listen that you're comfortable with. I think the best advice here is your own ..not talking to her.. The more you talk to her, the longer it will take to move on. I wish you well and hope you're able to find solace.
  7. That's just disgusting and conniving. Was there anything you could do about that? That's just immoral.
  8. Aww, what a nice story. I really had to zoom in though to read your font. Not sure if it's just me. Thanks for posting though.
  9. Yes! I use to get them ALL the time when I was half asleep. It seemed like that's when the worst of the worst panic attacks came, so don't worry, you are not alone on that one. It always seemed really strange to me too that they came when I was hardly even conscious.
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