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    Im 16 from the middle of no where, Canada. i like target shooting and archery, as well as writing and drawing. doesn't mean im good at any of that... i also love my rc trucks and music.

    welcome to my life.

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  1. I think that the entire concept of actually having someone in your life, who cares for you, who knows you, who you can let it all out to, who you can hold and will hold you.... its got me really depressed cause i don't think ill ever find someone like that. damn valentines day. I want a hug. =( give someone you know a hug for me.
  2. up at 3 in the morning. this is wonderful.

  3. hey man! welcome to the crappiest club in the world! but its ours, and well do our best! good luck, and stay safe man. we all want you to succeed. =)
  4. just went to the doc today. talked for 5 minutes, and he diagnosed me with severe depression. i didn't tell him about the SI though... anyways, he gave me a prescription for a week of 10mg of Fluoxetine. being only 16 years old, im concerned about whats going to happen. can anyone relate? help me out with anything? what was it like for you?
  5. hey Darkeness_Hides! i can relate to you... im 16, and im completely depressed most of the time. and yes, i SI. i have to say that talking to someone is hard, but maybe one thing that you have to do. don't feel like your forced though, its the worst feeling in the world. good luck hangin in there, huh? stay strong, we all want to see you make it though this.
  6. hey! welcome aboard! i guess i am to! =P have fun man, be safe!
  7. Hey! i thought id just put my thoughts in... probably cant be as much help as everyone else, i really don't have that experience under me... a few months ago (august) i realized that the only explanation for how i felt was depression. my moods, actions, and finally, eating habits, were wrong. i guess for the longest time i didn't even think about depression, being so young. but of course the thoughts you have you cant just say out loud, that would be insane. one of my greatest fears is that i really am lying to myself... so i tend not to tell many people about my depression... today im going to see a doc. i think its time. but this isn't about me, this is about you. you should see someone if you haven't already! some of the best things i like to do in my life... i play minecraft (yes, a childish game...) with a bunch of people on line. lost of nice people. its not always about the game, its often about the relationships you build with the people you meet. music. a ton of music, turn it up loud. (i like SOAD, Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Billy talent to just name a few =) the arts. find your skill. learn a skill, something. i used to draw (i posted a few pics today if you wanna look) i write poems (is that weird for a guy to do?) and my hobby. i love my r/c trucks. absolutely love them. gives me something to be good at, and something to have fun with =) hope i helped, and didn't ramble on about myself to much... Good luck out there. were all here for you =) (and if you cant hear your music over your thoughts, the music isn't loud enough =P )
  8. hey man, good job! controlling your depression can be extremely difficult.... i mean if it wasn't, there wouldn't be a problem, right? a lota people out here need help from people like you - from you. thanks.
  9. hey, thanks =) it really is, i cant believe i never thought of it that way! my friend tried to convince me of that unfortunately, but i just cant see it most days...
  10. Its back. fun, fun.

  11. funny, most people eat more with emotions. i stopped eating... cut my meals to almost nothing... and only a meal a day. not fun, but i aint hungry, and when i do eat, i feel like im gonna puke. that's myself though.
  12. i may not always be around... but someone is. if i ever come back, send a message, and ill fire one back. its nice to talk to someone...
  13. i feel ya. i haven't really seen the doc yet... would probably be a good idea... and i cant be a hypocrite, so telling you that SI is bad would be wasting my time... hang in there. youll find some day, some time, some book, some movie, some art, some thing that will never fail you. i hope that you find it. you deserve... better. not this pain.
  14. these scars laced into my arms they don't make me. i made them. Conquer and live it. nothing more we can do.
  15. i know how you feel. not a good time... some days it feels like theres no coming back. i know. i still don't know if there is a coming back, but im so lazy i cant be bothered to do it. so i keep on truckin through life. less effort that way. ease up. find something that makes you happy, liking giving people cliché advice. sorry man. but it works.
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