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  1. I agree with Clarissa, when you're young and you go through things like losing a loved one through death or a breakup, it seems like the end of the world. But unfortunately things like this usually happen more than once, and although the pain is still as bad, there is that internal knowing inside you, that knows there is hope...you'll pull through. This kinda thing has happened to me, not once but twice and each time I got pregnant and believe me that will not make them love you more or stay with you. Begging for love equals desperation....which is extremely unattractive. You need to realize this and even with depression have alittle bit of pride and leave this dude alone. That's the brutal truth I'm sorry, just being real.
  2. Tough fighter I lived with my parents for a long time and when I finally moved out believe it or not it was such a big change that my depression got very bad. But after a while I got use to me living independently from them and surviving on my own and it is great. Life is tougher financially for sure, rent bills babysitters ect but it's worth it. Why do you feel that your parents cause your physical ins? That's just a condition people have although there may be a genetic link. If your parents are really adding to your depression I would just recommend seeing a therapist more often and slowly look into moving out....maybe with a roommate in the same town or the next one over so it's not to severe a change. And to Rainraingoaway, I really liked your comments, they gave me hope and I feel happy for you...such kind and caring words that should give the people with depression hope :) loveapples
  3. Well I had a friend who paid a lot of money in a matchmaker service, I think like $5000..and he didn't have any luck at all. He really felt like he wasted his money. I think dating websites are a good optionthiugh, bc you can look through people's profile and see who you find attractive and nice ect..plus they are either free, or reasonably priced
  4. Ordmandell you really sound depressed. I think that seeing a therapist to talk out your feelings is very important. I know that men don't really like or even know how to express their feelings but it's a good way to help the depression. Are you on any medication? Bc that can really help also. What your ex did was very mean and it always just baffles me when I hear such things. How can someone that loved you just forget all that and become some evil you know what. People can be selfish and heartless. But you did management to have a relationship and actually have a marriage...many people havent even had that in their lives, so that's saying something. That says to me that you have the ability to love someone and the perseverance to keep with it, the strength and courage to open up and share yourself with someone and the feeling of love to ask someone to marry you. Just so you know...there are soooo many men out there that don't have any of that. I say this so that you will give yourself credit...you had all that at one time..and you certainly can have it again.
  5. I don't think it was very nice of that other women to say that you weren't going to have many opportunities with women bc your introverted and easy going or laid back. And she shouldn't say that most women don't like these 'nerdy' types of men anyway...she's the one that sounds immature. I mean I don't mean to be mean but I just needed to say that bc that's just not true. A lot of women really appreciate the sensitive and loving types of so called 'nerdy' guys. Frankly I've been hurt by so many of these 'cool' good looking type men that I'm just really sick of it. I'm starting to think that they are all players.
  6. Hmm well I know online dating isn't easy. But it's a great option to have. i was doing online dating for a year and then met my current boyfriend online. We've been exclusive now for about five months but now he stopped texting me. I'm a single mom and he met my two sons and things seemed to be getting better but then he just stopped contacting me. I tried to be easygoing and not text him but idk what to do now. My depression is increasing with this but I'm able to keep up with life and my kids ect. I think that he has anxiety and is overthinking things. Basically I felt I would tell you this to show you, how many people have anxiety and depression, and have to just push through it. I don't know if my boyfriend is going to open up enough to share his worries and insecurities with me or if he is just gonna leave me.
  7. Well you never know, I mean just bc she hasn't messaged you in a day or so doesn't really mean anything big..it could be for any number of reasons really. Maybe she has a bad cold or something happened with her family, or she's been working extra hours at work, or her computer stopped working or lost her phone....I think as depressed people we always think the most negative thing. So maybe keeping trying and also try messaging other girls too. Loveapples
  8. I really really think you need to just be strong and push yourself to ask one of the girls you like on a date. Dating is an important way to challenge yourself.. to be yourself. Practicing how to open up, even if it's just alittle bit, this is important. Good luck and just try..do it bc you never know maybe that girl is feeling like you don't like her bc you're not responding that much and haven't asked her out yet..for all you know, she could be insecure and sad too. So go help someone out...think of it that way:) go ask her out on a date, to make her feel wanted and attractive:) Loveapples
  9. Hi Searching, well I don't know what to say, but maybe your body is just tired and like on overdrive..then your mind just overthinks things and more depression happens. That's what happens to me at least. I haven't had a close friend in a while, but for the last year I've finally made a good friend and she's actually like a best friend. And actually as time has gone by we've realized we have a lot in common.. she has depression too and takes different meds and goes to a therapist. She also has some over things like anxiety and add, I don't have those, but I definately relate to having depression. I completely know what that is and I know how you feel hopeless and like almost strangely detached from the world. Maybe do you feel like this too, my brother has bipolar and he has periods of elation too..I don't have those.. Welll keep trying to force yourself to stay positive and keep busy. Loveapples
  10. Hi TwentyTwo, I know how you feel. I've been single most of my life. And I'm a single mom with two sons and any time I've tried a relationship, it always fails. I've gone years and years and years in btwn relationships, just raising my sons. I find that men don't really want a true relationship, they are afraid of this. I feel like I'm going to be alone for the rest of my life. I have a great job also, I'm a nurse and I work at an excellent hospital in the icu. I have a couple of friends but everyone is married and they like to associate with other married couples to be honest. I believe that what George1 said is true, I like to think that someday maybe I'll find a man that isn't afraid and is capable of falling in love. I really wish the best for you..Loveapples
  11. Hi Saberin, I read your story about your girlfriend you just broke up with and that's so sad. Im so sorry that happened. But try to stay busy and force yourself to be social bc you never know, maybe you will meet the next love of your life. Lots of times things happen and we break up with someone and then eventually we look back and realize that it wasn't a good match to begin with but that we just didn't realize that in the moment. Im glad your other friend contacted you. Like you said at least you know she's ok:) good luck with everything..Loveapples
  12. Hi Saberin, have you gotten in touch with your friend yet? If not just keep trying her on her cell phone and going to her house, maybe just write a small note and skip it under her front door. And keep checking with her parents and friends too. Also I'm just curious about why your relationship with your girlfriend of three years ended. Do you think this problem with your friend could be bc she likes you more than a friend? well I hope things get better for you, Loveapples
  13. Hi Giddygoes, I can relate to you bc my 18 yr old son was in a relationship with a girl that has bipolar and is very manipulative and disrespectful to him. She also cut herself right before school then got on the school bus and went to my son crying and bleeding saying she still had the knife, so he took it from her and put it in his backpack. Then later in the school day ended up telling a teacher about it, and my son ended up get suspended for 5 days bc he had the knife in his bag at school, and they felt he should've just gone start to the office with it. She has also flirted with other boys on purpose in front of him. Then broke up with him and started dating his best friend! My son has depression and this was very upsetting. So, I know how difficult it is to watch it happening to your son who you love so much. I think that it's a very serious situation bc she's in the drivers seat and she seems likeself centered control freak. It especially difficult bc your son is kind and understanding and thinks that he "loves" her. It's hie first love ect...but you know that if a relationship starts with all that coercion, manipulation and ultimatums, then it's not a true and lasting love. This relationship is going nowhere. Problem is, your son doesn't know this bc he's young and innocent. I just fear that bc of his depression and past suicide attempt that something bad could happen. I'm not sure what you should do, but keeping communication open is very important, visiting him frequently is very important. He has to tell his therapist about her and their tumultuous relationship...after all that's what therapist are for! They're a safe way to just let your feelings out and not feel bad about it. He knows how badly he's being treated , he feels the hurt...but probally just doesn't want to hear this confirmed by the therapist. But he isn't being completely honest with himself and the therapist by omitting this huge part of his life. Well, I hope this is helpful in some way and I hope that your son gains strength and self confidence and he sees this girl for who she really is. Good luck, Loveapples
  14. Hi Fizzbomb, I'm glad you decided to join the forum, it's a good way to get some good advice from people who can totally relate. You seem very smart, and articulate. You have a lot going for you. I know that it's hard sometimes but try to stay active and busy, this definitely helps. My depression is bad today but I'm going to force myself to go to the gym and go shopping also. I'm pretty lonely today and my son went with his Dad for the weekend this morning and I've been dwelling on my loneliness. My apartment is a mess and I'm just sad today. But it's really making it worse sitting on the couch dwelling on it. So basically my advice to you is the same to myself, try to get busy and do something to make the day go by, something productive. And can you go to a local college and at least find out about geology classes? Maybe there's a way to just take one class towards it for now. Good luck and I hope you feel better.
  15. Island girl i totally understand how you're feeling. It's really tiring to find any thrill and excitement in life sometimes. I know the feelings of hopelessness and lack of desire in something you once liked. Then the doubts that it will ever change. The lonilness and depression is really difficult at times, but sometimes when I just push through it and force myself to do something anything then i start to feel like at least i accomplished something. Try to aim to do something that you know will be helpful to you or to someone else each day and then you start to feel alittle happier even for a moment. I like to help others bc I know that a lot of other people are struggling too and they just don't look like they are. Well, I hope you feel better soon:) Loveapples
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