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  1. I'm sorry to hear that you feel like that sometimes too. :| Thank you...
  2. How I will never get out of this situation... I have no future.
  3. Why I always have this feeling that I annoy people?
  4. I don't think that you're only qualified to a minimal wage job (of course not knowing you personally), because even if someone would have all the skills what are recommended to some specific job, you still have to learn new things in every new job because every job is more or less different (even in the same career area). It's true though that employers have high expectations nowadays and in my opinion they're a bit too high... But anyways, like someone else said on this thread, a minimal wage job as a pizza worker isn't something where you should stay at, it's not the career you want or even need if wanting to work in a software development, so it won't help your career development. I would be mostly just echoing what everyone else has said on this thread so I want to keep this short: I think it's your depression what is saying all those nasty things about yourself, don't believe those thoughts because they're not true. You are good as you are and not worse than any other worker/person and you have lot to give, believe in yourself.
  5. I was traveling with a bus to different places which I haven't never seen before. I'm not sure what I was searching for but it was weird anyway.
  6. Yeah, it helps and now feeling a bit better. Thank you!
  7. It's possible to feel some kind of happiness even in this very moment, there are so many things we should be grateful for etc. Like @LoneSquirrel said, it's important to try to live in the present moment because it's the only moment what we have. We don't know about the future and past is past, the only moment what we ever have is this moment.
  8. Lynn1954, I'm sure that many of us here can relate to your feelings of loneliness very well. You're not alone in the loneliness, I can promise that! Here's some hugs for you.
  9. Dear BareMetal, First of all, you're not a failure. It might feel like that you haven't done anything ''amazing'' or particularly important in the 25 years of your life but you're still so young, only 25 years old. There's a whole life ahead of you and so many new cool possibilities! Please don't blame yourself for all the hardships, the unstable mental state isn't your fault in any way. A minimal wage job might not be your dream job or what you would like to most likely to do but it's a start, it's something. Think about it as a stepping stone, a temporary place to be. I'm sure it's not something you will do for the rest of your life, still so many years ahead of you to try other different jobs. Have you tried to find a different job? You know, it's never ever too late to chase for your dreams and make them part of your reality! Yes, it's not good to be too hopeful, I agree with you with that but still don't lose your hope. There's always hope, usually good things come when you least expect them. :) I think you just should keep trying and do your best, that's all what we all can do in the end. Mostly it's about luck in life, but without own hard working, those nice situations might never appear. So don't give up and keep trying! Best wishes to you!
  10. It's a hard and lonely place to be, if yearning for that significant other and a life partner to share your life with. But... Finding the right partner isn't the most important thing in life, even though it must help a lot but as cheesy as it sounds, we all have to learn how to be content by ourselves and accept ourselves as who are to create a healthy base for the relationship. Even if we would accept ourselves completely and life is great etc. It puts LOT of pressure to the another person if thinking that's the only thing what makes someone happy, it's our own responsibility to make ourselves happy, other person can't be the only reason for that. Don't let someone else to have power over your feelings in a day to day life (positive or negative feelings), you have all the power you need. ''The other half'' saying makes me sad too, because you're already whole. :) You don't need someone else to make you a complete person, you already are. Relationship isn't all about rainbows, magic and just constant euphoric feeling, there are hardships in relationships too when it's more rocky and you just wish you could give up. I hope you find the happiness you seek for, but remember that it's not the duty of the partner's to fulfill that. Good luck!
  11. I don't think it's about happiness that people are able to ''just be'' like that etc. because happiness is just a feeling in the midst of other feelings and feelings come and go, it's not constant and changeless. The difference between you and them is your mental illness. Because people without depression, anxiety etc. still have issues and problems just like everyone else in their lives but because their mind is in a normal healthy state, they can recover from hardships much faster than those who are depressed and anxious. It's common that every tiny thing or task feels so much harder and insuperable to do when suffering from depression, I can relate to it. Then you can start from one single thing at a time, there's no rush to do everything at the same time, start from something small maybe? Also the right treatments play their part in the healing process also, so state of your well-being becomes better and you get right tools and ways to become one step closer to more healthier mind. Best wishes to you!
  12. People who think that their truth is the only truth. It's only matter of perspective.
  13. I'm trying to get one glass jar opened. It's the glass jar vs me. The glass jar wins!
  14. No Facebook and other social media sites. I miss sincerity.
  15. Life is tough, but so is me. Fair play, I guess... I can get through this another storm, even though I don't see any way out of this.
  16. Tired of being a ghost... It's not like I don't try enough and I know there's nothing wrong with me. I am just myself, who else can I be?
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