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  1. Thank you Natasha. You're loved here too.
  2. How much can one tiny person take? I feel like I've already taken my part of the suffering when being alive, how much more I can take? Just keep fighting and fighting until can't anymore? I feel so sad and hopeless.
  3. Same here... :| I gained the weight as a teen and then lost it and now after many years, back to point zero. Thank you, likewise. Losing weight is so hard until getting over the mental barrier which keeps yearning to eat all that junk food. After some time, not even wanting it anymore... Also important to find other more healthier ways to cope with the depression than eating, eating and more eating. Easier said than done though. :(
  4. I always say to myself... ''Now I will stop this binge eating like a pig and start losing weight back to my original weight!'' But it never happens... I don't feel like a human being at all to have failed so badly like this and let it have huge control over me. I did such an awesome transformation many years ago after the worst depression years of my life and everyone were amazed by it and said how great I looked like, so much more vibrant, happier and overall healthier. I've been really slim most of my life, so I absolutely hate it what this depression has done to me.
  5. Sometimes... Have to feel the darkness, go to the bottom of the bottom to be able to rise again and see the light.
  6. Screaming internally, suffocated.
  7. Yes, it can happen unfortunately. It's like a weather... There are days when there are more dark clouds and rain.
  8. Taeyeon - 11:11 ''Like a strange flower that blooms in between seasons Like the morning star that hangs between days All of this, some day Will pass Everything finds its place and returns If I finally smile as if nothing happened Calling out your name Won’t hurt as much as it does now''
  9. “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” ― Maya Angelou
  10. Late Night Alumni - This Is Why ''Ever since I remember I've held it in Held it all Somehow I felt comfortable Behind my wall Behind it all This is why I don't cry This is why I don't cry Tears they only compromise Things I need to visualize This is why I don't cry This is why I don't cry Tears they only minimize Everything I keep inside I bet you think I'm lonely You may be right I just might And if you want me to break down It would be a sight But not tonight''
  11. My close friend, the more I talk with him, the more I like him.
  12. I agree! It has a strong but sad message about our world...
  13. This was sorrowfully beautiful, thank you for sharing.
  14. Watching videos about math online, lol. I really need to learn how to become good in math if I want to study one career choice in the university someday.
  15. 1. I could sleep for a long time. 2. Then sleep some more. 3. I don't need to see anyone.
  16. Wisteria

    giving away

    No, I just felt like giving a hug. Here's another one, lol.
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