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  1. I have no idea who I am and what I want.
  2. It motivates me that I feel so much better after the shower. Water is very therapeutic element and relaxing.
  3. I slept more than 4 hours I cleaned my home I relaxed a little bit
  4. I cleaned my tiny home and slept a lot. And cried... Nothing really. :(
  5. I love playing games, mostly MMORPGs but I'm too shy. I can't escape my shyness to anywhere. Last time I logged out middle of the dungeon, lol! Because I was too scared of what other players might be thinking ''oh, she's such a noob!'' etc. :/ I've started to think that maybe I should only play games which are only for one person.
  6. sad depressed lonely pathetic tears anxious hurt pain dark moody
  7. Listening some relaxing music and chilling...
  8. I cleaned my home a little bit. Finally!
  9. I feel so sad. Crying too much. Sigh... ;_;
  10. I feel crap. I am crap. Crying all the time. I just want to cry my eyeballs out and scream so much that lungs will hurt. ;_;
  11. I'm mostly alone, everyday, every second. :( Though, I'm very introvert too but it would be lovely to have even one best friend...
  12. I went to work. It takes lot of strength to actually go to work, even though I like it.
  13. Crying always helps me a lot. My mind and heart feel lighter and it's easier to breath. A good cry is always helpful to me. I dunno... Cry baby as usual. ;_; The worst anxiety happens when I am bottling all my feelings in and not letting them out. Then finally someday it all comes out in a big cry. Bad habit. :/
  14. I agree with others! You need to talk with the doctor and it will help you. Please take care.
  15. I take it in the evening because it makes me more foggy and tired.
  16. I've had this same problem for some time too and I've used it for about 2 months (I had one year break because didn't need it anymore...). I feel so tired all time, foggy head, can't focus clearly... I'm using Cipralex 5mg. z_z
  17. I'm both mentally and physically exhausted. Life takes all the energy out from me.
  18. I'm really thankful for my family. They are so supporting and I'm very grateful. :bear_wub:
  19. Hello everyone~ ♥ I have thought lots of times to register here but now finally actually doing it. I've suffered from depression since 10 years old... I've been bullied about 10 years which is about half of my age, as being 20 years old girl now. ;_; But that stopped when high school ended. One of the best things in my life to be honest. I don't understand how people can be so cruel to each other! It makes me sad... I don't have any real life friends and it makes me really lonely sometimes. It's horrible when you want to cry so much that even the crying won't be expressing it how I truly feel. Depression has been ''in control'' about 2-4 years now which is great but still having those awful days when I feel so hard to live and breath. When I only want cuddle my blanket and not come out of the bed. Sigh, maybe the life will be amazing someday... Or at least somehow normal. I feel like a total weirdo time to time, like how anyone could like me etc? Enough of the self-pity though. :3 Nice to meet you all~
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