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  1. I need some support... :( I've issues with eating, but it's not about the normal food... Otherwise I eat healthily but it's all those candies, ice cream, pizza, salty snacks, unhealthy foods etc. I just can't stop it, it's all I think about. I know, it's addiction... Eating for some endless void of loneliness, depression and sadness. It doesn't help anything but still I can't stop. Not going to talk about my weight but would love to be in a healthy normal weight again. I've stopped all this nonsense before so I could do it now too? To become better, healthier version of myself just like I was before, before this depression hit me like a rock... I've done it before, please tell me that I can do it now too? I want to become healthy. :/
  2. I wish you could not feel all that pain either, physical or emotional pain, still as horrible. :/
  3. These physical pains are too much... Fortunately meeting the surgeon soon. Feeling so nauseous, bloated, painful like someone stabbing and swirling around organs. Emotional aches hurt too. Why...
  4. Sweet thing to say, thanks again. People care about you on this forum too.
  5. Yep... .___. Puddles everywhere and raining a lot. :]
  6. That's good to hear. Not so well but trying my best to try hang on...
  7. Days get darker and colder... Just like how I feel about life currently. Spring, come soon please.
  8. People saying to other people how they should live their lives... We aren't made of same stone, everyone has different dreams and goals in life.
  9. Thank you, same to you too. I hope you've been well.
  10. Just lighted a scented candle from Ikea. It smells like a spring garden and using it even though it's winter now, lol.
  11. It's very yummy. :) Heh, it does sound a bit funny though! :P I actually haven't never tasted the ''kalakukko'' here... lol. I agree, I love that part of traveling too. Trying new foods and seeing new places etc. ^__^ It's one of the joys of traveling.
  12. Thank you for always being so kind to me, sorry for breaking your heart though...
  13. Hmm, interesting! The pasty I talked about is completely different. :P https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karelian_pasty
  14. Rice pasty, yummy local food here. ^.^
  15. Marie Digby's songs, I can relate to them a lot.
  16. Do I really want to study it? When I will get the surgery? Am I a bad friend? Should I find a new apartment? What the hell to do with my life?
  17. Thank you, I hope you're able to find your happiness too.
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