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  1. I've had so much more energy today, it's weird! I've done some laundry, cleaning etc. Nicer to come back home from work if home is clean.
  2. That's really sweet! I do mean it, though.
  3. Alma - Requiem (France 2017 Eurovision song)
  4. I've gained all the weight back which I've lost. Not fun, not fun at all...
  5. I know what you mean... It's hard to act normal when feeling like screaming inside but it would be funnily creepy to scream front of everyone, LOL! So better to hide the pain.. Thank you, so nice to see you too. Hugs to you. Sometimes I wonder what kind of life stories people have inside their smiley faces when walking in public. What kind of pains they do hide too? etc. I can relate how it feels like when there are so many missing pieces and trying to collect all of them together. Please remember, that you're always precious as everyone else even if broken.
  6. Sometimes I think it's the best to hide my pains from the world... In that way I can be one step closer to normal and not someone who's life has been a constant battle.
  7. One very funny thread online (not on this site).
  8. Tired, not sleepy...
  9. I thought that the spring has finally come but nope, it's snowing again.
  10. Exhausted. I feel happy about the new job but sadly it's only a temporary job and a bit stressful at times... But it's still better than nothing. :)
  11. Yep, we are only human and no one is perfect and that's what makes us humane and beautiful. :) We can only try to be our best friends and treat ourselves well. That's great that you care of your own well-being. Thank you, I wish you the best too.
  12. That there aren't enough jobs for everyone. Everyone deserves to have a job where they feel like they're good at.
  13. Food can really be addictive, unfortunately... Chocolate, cookies, candies, ice cream etc. you name it. Never had addiction towards any salty snacks, usually it's about sugary snacks, I wonder why.. I wish I could stick to healthy diet for 5 days straight, lol so that's good that you can eat healthily most of the time. True, it's good to have something in life we enjoy but balance is the key too and also important.
  14. Back to binge eating after few weeks of eating kinda healthily... Nooo. ;___; I need to have a better control of my actions.
  15. It seems like I can't be without medication for depression, anxiety etc. for a long time... I always have to start using it again after not using it for one year or two, it's an endless cycle. I'm so disappointed. Will there ever be a day when I don't need to use medication anymore? Will that day ever come? Like be completely free of this illness and be ok without any medication for the rest of my life?
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