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  1. I just can't stop crying... Why I've to exist. :coopcray:

    Mixed feelings, like I want to hide from everyone because it would be better but then at the same time it would make me feel even more lonely...

    Whatever it is, always blaming myself for everything.

    Maybe I should start to worry for always crying so much, everyday. :tear2:

    I will probably delete this too, embarrassing...


    1. mulberrypie


      aww sorry you're feeling so down and *hugs* Wisteria! you're one of the people that help others! a whole lot!! it's so wonderful to know you:icon12:!!

    2. GSpolar


      To what we almost delete

      To the courageous who dare

      To Wisteria who says

      The unsayable 


      To my free-fall that is broken

      By the net that is mended

      By the courageous

    3. Wisteria


      Sorry that I am answering a bit late! I haven't been on the forum much... :dontgetit:

      Aww, thank you for the sweet words @mulberrypie !! *hugs* It's so wonderful to know you too! ♥

      What a lovely poem, @GSpolar ! Thank you so much! :hugs: 



  2. This or that... Not sure. But at least there's something. It's great to suddenly feel motivated again.

    Weird but nice!

  3. Why there's isn't some magical button, which makes me healthy again... Without all this pain and the other symptoms that come with it.

    I couldn't even stand yesterday, that's how much I hurt. Months of pain and now had to reschedule the operation (there's a reason for it).

    Just someone make this pain to stop, I can't cope with it any longer... :tear2:

  4. There's nothing which can heal this emotional tiredness...

    1. mulberrypie


      Sorry.....hugs ((((((((((Wisteria)))))))))))!!:icon12:

    2. Wisteria


      Thank you ;____;

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